Hefei University University of Hefei officially changed its name

recently Hefei University will be officially renamed the University of Hefei, so that more people are concerned about the development of the Hefei University step by step. Hefei municipal government issued a document, the document said, after the Hefei municipal government agreed to set up a leading group to promote the construction of the University of Hefei, which means that the preparatory work of the University of Hefei officially launched.

Hefei University was founded in 1980 in Hefei United university. March 2002, approved by the Ministry of education, the former Hefei United University and the Hefei Institute of education, Hefei normal school merged to form the Hefei University. read more

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Chinese fast food stores decoration should pay attention to what the

a shop renovation work done or not, but the latter has a direct impact on the operation of the store. So, if you want to open a hot shop, you need to put more energy into the shop decoration. So, for Chinese fast food franchise, the decoration must pay attention to!

a hot business of Chinese fast food restaurants can be seen from the decoration of customers, but also to attract more consumers to come to spend. So in the decoration of the need to pay attention to where the small series today to give you an analysis, to give you some suggestions when the decoration. read more

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Join the eight goods station on the pot food delicacy good business opportunities converge

barbecue delicious, has been very famous. But everyone has a different taste, want a better convergence in a piece of food, to choose the way to record the eight Taiwan food exchange? With the characteristics of the brand to join the project choice, a trusted choice!

eight road station record pot food stocks sought after, can be said to be logical. On the one hand, eight goods station on the pot food considering consumer tastes, improving dishes, make the mixed taste more fit consumer perception; on the other hand, through innovation to create personality, not only to keep pace with the times, but also out of the ordinary, has its own characteristics, in order to go for a long time. The eight channel is a welcome, and there are bound to be more imitators, but it is limited to imitation, and can never be surpassed. Eight goods station on pot food investment? Look for only eight goods station down pot food, follow Bai catering management workshop, in order to truly have good food, go well together. read more

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Zi Hui women joined the nanny support allows you to earn

in fact, into the women’s market, is a very choice of business opportunities. Then, start to choose to join the Zi Hui women? Very advantageous choice, we should choose the project. Join Zi Hui women? Remarkable strength, it is worth joining!

Zi Hui women by virtue of their professional quality and accurate grasp of popular culture, South Korea will naturally all-match, simple and elegant, gentle and charming leisure, dynamic integration, to meet the city’s bustling about people desire to give vent to their feelings. You make a show of hands, a look, from the endless charm of young read more

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How small business online shop

now the rapid development of the Internet industry, drive the continuous progress of e-commerce industry, the choice of business in the online shop has become a lot of entrepreneurs, so small business investment, how to shop online? The actual process of opening the shop is not as simple as it has some attention, the following Xiaobian for you, I hope to help entrepreneurs online shop.

1, correct attitude

read more

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Internet plus innovation and entrepreneurship, let Hainan become a dream place

in life when we face the rising prices, the proportion of children’s education spending is growing, innovation and entrepreneurship has become the consensus of many people. Beautiful Hainan, and now not only to achieve the dream of livable tourism, but also to achieve entrepreneurial and investor career dream. 25 field activities, 18 days of the 2016 Hainan "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship Festival is like a raging fire! Create a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship in Hainan, to promote enterprise and financial capital direct docking, help outstanding entrepreneurial projects and entrepreneurial team development landing. read more

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Do business need a order

if any one person is entirely for their own interests, do not have an order, in the end, I am afraid that only the market will enter a more chaotic situation. Just imagine, in a traffic light there is no traffic police on duty at the crossroads, cars and pedestrians, and the streams of people busily coming and going always on the move things intertwined, who are not willing to take a step, the order would be very confusing. Until the traffic police arrived, waving arm directing traffic, the intersection was restored unimpeded. In the absence of rules or no rules of supervision, excessive pursuit of the maximization of their own interests, often damage the interests of others, and ultimately hurt their own interests. read more

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Join the passenger Kyrgyzstan joined a good scholar yogurt

yogurt Market now join the project, very hot, the best choice for small business. How about the yogurt? With the characteristics of delicious, small venture worthy of trust. Green healthy and environmentally friendly yogurt to join the project selection, worthy of trust, it is worth joining!

Ji Ke Shi Ji Ke yogurt join OK? Shi artisanal yogurt arrive from tea milk within 3 hours, to ensure the best, Kyrgyzstan guest scholar brewed plain yogurt, yogurt, yogurt, yogurt, yogurt with fruit milkshakes, fruit juice drink series, coffee series, ice cream series and so on a variety of everything. read more

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What is the principle of chicken stores opening

is the current popular chicken shop good project, if you want to own a chicken shop, need to pay attention to what principles? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, you want to join the investment on it!

The operating principle of

chicken franchise product principle: familiar with the characteristics of chicken joined all products and related information. What is the principle of chicken franchise? This is the basic principle, such as the customer asks you, what is the ancient jujube juice plum juice taste? Bitter sweet or sour??? Just imagine, if you can’t answer, the products are not familiar with how to promote? So, key operating principles is that open snack bar. read more

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Angels selfless dedication, life-saving humanitarian spirit and the Tibetan Plateau five special in

April 28th, the Municipal Health Bureau held a forum to Yushu frontline medical staff. The meeting was chaired by the Secretary of the Party committee, the Municipal Health Bureau Director Liu Haonian, bureau member of the leadership team, in one or two, the three hospital leaders and went to Yushu disaster medical rescue mission execution part of the team to participate in the forum.

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Golden week people love to buy cars and jewelry

National day seven day long holiday, Xining festival market supply is abundant, the commodity is rich, the citizen consumption enthusiasm rises. October 1st -10 month 7, Xining City, the focus of the business of the company’s sales of 14 yuan to achieve sales of $204 million, an increase of 12.05%. From the monitoring of the situation, automotive, electrical appliances, clothing, jewelry, household goods and other consumer hotspots become golden week.

major shopping discounts.

for the protection of the holiday market supply, so that people spend a happy and peaceful day festival, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and trade circulation enterprises to carry out the organization to buy gifts, discounts, sweepstakes, membership points and other promotional activities, the value of the business enterprise organization reached about 4000000000 yuan. Large and medium-sized shopping malls and actively create a festive atmosphere, the rich and colorful promotional activities, the Wangfujing department store to carry out B hall 2 anniversary, group 60 anniversary, launched the autumn goods 5 fold, achieved sales of 47 million 270 thousand yuan; the west street wearing 5 fold, to achieve sales of 9 million 253 thousand yuan; 5 department stores in the grand cross fold, achieved sales of 15 million 180 thousand yuan.Very popular

during the National Day this year, Xining city weather mostly, autumn scenery attracted a large number of foreign tourists and visitors, family dinners, dining table, wedding packages and gathering of friends and family reunion has become hot sales of catering market during the holiday season. In addition, in the National Day period, Xining actively implement the "guarantee for price stability measures of meat, vegetables, eggs, poultry and other agricultural and sideline products increase supplying direct efforts to carry out cheap sales, Xining City, the overall stable prices of daily necessities. Pork, beef and mutton prices have declined, a slight rise in individual vegetables and grain and oil prices.   read more

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Create a bright spot to benefit the masses of all ethnic groups

December 11th to 12, the city held in Xining city to create national unity and progress of advanced work site will promote, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee and Secretary Su Rong made a speech at the meeting, vice mayor, city public security bureau director Zhang Qian, deputy mayor Kim Jiuchen, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, municipal united front work department minister Liu Fade attended the meeting. Four districts and counties of the city development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of education, respectively, in the exchange of the national unity and progress in the work of the three areas of the practice. Su Rong pointed out that the creation of national unity and progress in advanced areas, focusing on the creation of this year is to create a year of work, but also a strong foundation of a critical year. The county departments should focus on implementing key tasks, focus and create a good atmosphere, concentrate on solving the outstanding problems, focus on promoting the focus of the work to create a bright in the building; to realize the new breakthrough, in strict accordance with the plan steadily, the real highlight of bright, brand ring, the benefit of people of all nationalities; at the same time to form the sense of competition, to form a good working atmosphere, striving for the advanced and race each other to create highlights, and strive to create work at the forefront of the city and the province. Hospitals, schools, banks and other public service window industry to achieve new breakthroughs in creating activities, combining with the actual work, starting from the propaganda slogans, signs and service content, reflect the characteristics of national culture, show the advanced pattern of ethnic solidarity, harmony together. Su Rong stressed that the creation of advanced areas, power from the masses, the results of the masses. All localities and departments and units should adhere to the masses, close to reality, close to life, loved by the masses of all ethnic groups to carry out a wide range of activities to create, expand exchanges, exchanges and integration of people of all nationalities; to further the implementation of the national culture of quality engineering, build brand culture, promote the development of national culture; to further expand the work to create national unity progress advanced area coverage and influence, and carry out the "seven", "ten" activities, to carry out a comprehensive respecting national habits and customs education, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the people of all ethnic groups. To effectively carry out the party’s mass line of educational practice, cadres and grassroots activities, three activities in the countryside and to resolve disputes in place and other activities, the implementation of grid management measures, to ensure the stability of the grassroots harmony. It is understood that the participants in December 11th to observe the scene learned City District, East District, West District, North District, the community school in the creation of national unity and progress of advanced work of the advanced experience and practice.   read more

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Dry fire situation is grim

since February 18th, there is no obvious precipitation weather process in Xining, around the temperature picked up, blowing up the weather, so that the air dry, the fire situation is not optimistic.

according to statistics, from February 18th to March 14th, the precipitation of Xining city and three counties less, Huangyuan cumulative rainfall of 0 mm, Xining City, Huangzhong cumulative rainfall was 0.5 mm and 2.4 mm, Datong cumulative rainfall of 0.1 mm; in March 10th, Xining City, the highest temperature rise to 15.8 degrees Celsius, Datong Huangyuan, Huangzhong daily maximum temperature at 10 degrees celsius. Because of the continued for several days without obvious precipitation, drier weather continued, droughts, resulting in forest and grassland fire weather rating increased since March 4th, forest and grassland fire danger meteorological grade of Xining city and three counties continued high fire danger rating. read more

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Xining urban land use tax source verification work officially started

Xining news (reporter: Wang Feng) September 19, 2012, Xining Municipal People’s government held in Xining City, urban land use tax verification and system construction leading group for the first time coordination and mobilization meeting, municipal government deputy secretary general Li Zhijian presided over the meeting

Xining news (correspondent: Wang Feng) 2012 in September 19th, the Xining Municipal People’s government held in Xining City, urban land use tax verification and system construction leading group for the first time coordination and mobilization meeting, municipal government deputy secretary general Li Zhijian presided over the meeting. Secretary of the municipal government seven, municipal land tax bureau, Finance Bureau, Land Bureau, the main person in charge of Surveying and Mapping Institute, East, city, north of the city, West District, deputy governor of the District, Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan, deputy magistrate of the three counties attended the meeting. The meeting made clear the significance of urban land use tax in Xining to verify the work of the tax system and the construction of the system, the work plan and work plan to solicit the views of the various units of the tax authorities and suggestions. The convening of the meeting marks the official start of the Xining urban land use tax revenue verification. read more

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As a farmer, how do we start a business

with the narrowing of the gap between urban and rural areas, the living standards of the people in the villages and towns are constantly improving. Many farmers have a good day at the same time do not forget to start business, want to make their lives better and better. So as a farmer, how should we start our hometown?

A, rural Internet cafes. With the rapid development of information industry, many farmers have begun to use the Internet to sell their products, so that customers gathered at. Open the Internet, can regularly publish information on supply, price, industry and other aspects of farmers, can greatly promote the rapid flow of agricultural products. Today, surfing the Internet is not a few people, online learning, entertainment, search for information has become an important part of the cultural life of farmers. Therefore, the rural Internet cafes, the prospects are very promising. read more

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Although the market is large, but the children should be cautious

now give children hairdressing, has become the choice of many parents, however, due to the general hairdressing establishments, difficult to accept the child, once the real hair, it is easy to form a crying scene, so the children of professional hairdressing business is very good, but investors must pay attention, if you want to do this business, so in the business it must be cautious.

first children best hairdresser for women, are subject to the hairdressing and children’s psychological training before appointment, so that they will according to the different situations of right to judge, make proper treatment, including for children of different ages, how to guide the mood to a newly born baby how to hair and so on these of today’s professional hairdressing shop are difficult the problem. Let every hairdresser full communication one-on-one service for children, so that children relax in the hairdressing process. read more

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How to open a chain bookstore Management skills

book is the students in the learning process must have tools, with them, they will have more knowledge, more profound understanding of the society. You know, the book in the market demand is very large, for entrepreneurs, to open a chain of bookstores is their common idea, the most headache is that they do not know how to operate. So, how to open a chain bookstore? In this regard, Xiao Bian made a summary, look at the next bar!

bookstore management skills: books

books should be arranged placement, easy management and easy way customers looking for. It is also important to classify books and settings. If the customer wants to find the book he wants to see, it will naturally fall. read more

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In the past 20 years, Xining public telephone halved

With the popularity of mobile communication tools,

is fading out of the life of urban people. In this regard, the reporter interviewed the relevant China Telecom, Xining branch, they said, with the development of communication, public telephone has become fashionable for a time, usage amount is indeed reduced, nearly 20 years, the public telephone number was halved.

at the end of the last century, the public telephone was brilliant. However, when a lot of people have a mobile phone, the use of public telephone has dropped sharply, the phone has been removed a lot. In the provincial capital, for example, at present, the provincial capital of a total of more than 10 thousand public phones, but the overall operating situation is not satisfactory, some public phones and even a few months nobody cares. China Telecom Xining branch access maintenance center director Li Dongxiong said, the public telephone heady, public telephone bill monthly turnover in three million yuan per month, now only a few million yuan. read more

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China Airlines opened two Dalian – Xining new route

  June 9th, held in Xining, Hohhot tourism promotion will be revealed, China Airlines opened Dalian – Hohhot – Xining, Dalian – Yulin – Xining two new routes.

, Hohhot Tourism Bureau relevant person in charge of the local rich tourism resources, said Xining and Hohhot’s tourism resources are the same, there are complementary; hope that through this promotion can attract more Xining residents to Hohhot do not feel like the beauty of the prairie. Xining Tourism Bureau, the relevant person in charge of the tourism resources in Xining were introduced, and that the two complementary tourism resources, a vast space for cooperation. At the same time, the two travel agencies jointly explore the market, innovative projects for the exchange. read more

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In November last year, new residential prices fell 1.3%

, a reporter from the Xining National Bureau of investigation team was informed that, according to the survey data show that in 2014 November, the city’s real estate sales price index is running stable and decreased slightly.
in 2014 November, the city of new residential sales price fell 1.3% compared with the same period last year. From the same period, 90 square meters and 90-144 square meters of new residential sales prices fell by more than 0.9%, more than 144 square meters of new residential sales price fell by 2.7%. From the chain perspective, 90 square meters of new residential sales price fell by, 90-144 square meters of new residential fell by 0.4%, more than 144 square meters of new residential fell by 0.6%.
  read more

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