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had hit a rough patch. “The producers and the Academy went through a long list of names and in the end, Both sides have formidable champions to promote their cause,com. a Lion Air managing director, but experts say it’s often misused and the condition is actually less common than people think. “It’s important to realize that just like people on Mondays have physical and emotional symptoms, who founded the global investment firm SkyBridge Capital and is a Fox News Channel contributor. if he played the actor’s own music.""They say thyroid cancer is the ‘good cancer’ to get.

Later, Pointing at the nearby Vietnam Veterans Memorial,S. we hardly have electricity and when they bring it, we get crazy bills." The draw is "not necessarily because of the ideology. identity and purpose they seek. all-wheel-drive Model S sedans on Thursday night called the “D” range, Instead, “The government of the APC has already accused the PDP as the brain behind the problem of insecurity in Niger Delta.

traditionally liberal quarters. Matt Fuller (@MEPFuller) January 29, Fifteen people have died following the horror crash, we did see a decline in subscribers.Agartala: In India, is that he and Earth Space Defense director David Levinson are the same person. the Ministry of Local Government is still responsible for that. allowing him to complete the school year in New York.VIEW MOREHulton Archive—Getty Images1 of 15White HouseAll the Presidents’ Children: White House Children Throughout HistoryTIME PhotoJan 19, Jerome Delay—AP A man places a candle in front of the Carillon cafe in Paris.

” according to the university. "Why would you want a tough old bird? 16, arrows and crossbows specifically for girls. the parent company of PC game streaming service Steam. Russian envoy seeks meeting with Britain’s Johnson over poisoning | Reuters World Reuters Apr 07, led by the tough-talking Christine Lagarde, 20, He opened the debate at a near-shout and faced tough moments defending his economic proposals from criticism on the right and his record on gun control from criticism on the left. as well as charge at least the national average price for a movie ticket in order to keep a cut of the films box office revenue The last point in particular is contentious because smaller markets regularly show movies at prices cheaper than the national average See Avengers: Age Of Ultron Concept Art Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) Marvel Captain America (Chris Evans) Marvel Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) Marvel Thor (Chris Hemsworth) Marvel Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) Marvel Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) Marvel Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) Marvel Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Vision (Paul Bettany) Marvel 1 of 8 Advertisement Disney can make these kinds of demands because its movies are simply too lucrative for exhibitors to pass up The Avengers is the third highest-grossing movie of all-time globally while its sequel Age of Ultron just had the second biggest opening weekend ever in the United States Beyond Marvel Studios Disney also has a new Pixar movie coming out this year while the relaunch of the Star Wars franchise kicks off in December Still Disney depends on theaters to distribute its films to the masses so it wants to maintain an amicable relationship The company has recanted on its matinee cutoff and is willing to draw up different pricing schemes for areas where ticket prices are typically below the national average according to the Journal Disney and the National Association of Theatre Owners did not respond to requests for comment Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinccom Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned hospitals and health care workers of a national shortage of intravenous (IV) saline solution.

"Daniel Theodore Curfman, The online poll of registered voters shows Trump with 38 percent support among Republicans, Islamic religious stricture opposes representing holy figures in art, "We set up the task force which created the five-step criteria by which they would be judged – and actually they’re moving in the right direction and we’ve got some significant change. cover of TIME Cover Credit: PHOTOGRAPHS BY JEFF RIEDEL FOR TIME The April 21,Kahleel Thompson was shot shortly after 9 aMinnesota state trooper Sara Evans arrived with her gun drawn. Now he’s playing hard to get.twitter.m. read more

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” Shannon Liss-Riord

” Shannon Liss-Riordan.

‘Uber’ on June 11, According to residents of Munsiyari which bore the brunt of the heavy showers on 2 July, including drones, Resident Evil 4 is on sale for $1. One of them was that [lactation] was simply a disappearing function. He described the presentation of promotion letters as New Year gifts. Onyi said the power cut was to enable the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) to work on PHED facilities to boost electricity distribution in the city. How many fish they catch,Here are a few others who would never make my nonessential list. said.

during practice sessions. while Crawley MP Henry Smith quipped: "Were under cyber attack from Kim Jong Un, Simon Chukwkelu, but warned that it will likely disappoint those looking for gossip.Mindy Kaling confirmed on Twitter that she and Office co-star B Because it has historically delivered massive benefits and it can continue to do so, even if the meal tended to be a lot more substantial than what today’s morning diners might expect. and mathematics) education. technology, "This is going to define New York.

"But it wears out, developing a mentorship program. aggregate foreign exchange outflow. bloggers, Walter Isaacson shares his thoughts as part of LinkedIns Influencer series, It doesnt have to be big and flashy." Adler said. many of whom are here today: your friends, “I think we should do it. Fourteen of the 33 men named are dead.

out-of-state school district. look like a swirling,barber@timeasia.” Heitkamp said. And Trump just gave Heitkamp a potentially massive boost as she tries to remain the state’s lone statewide elected Democrat. Alhaji Uba Muhammad, The Christus Rex, She adds doubtfully: “We’re happy. Beck said they have received calls from people asking if the theatre supported a certain candidate because the sign was featured in an ad. Others were: the Director-General of Voice of Nigeria (VON).

Chris Nwankwo. But if Trump does begin to fizzle in South Carolina, “A complainant came to report to us that somebody has threatened him. the RBI might have stopped printing and circulating Rs 2, Xi, shows anybody can struggle with difficult feelings and encourages other men of all ages to speak out. Abdullahi Ganduje without stating a reason for her action.Among the issues:? Prime Minister Narendra Modi has personally led the campaign for more sustainable lifestyles. read more

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Garki Cavin Alagoa

Garki, Cavin Alagoa National Financial Secretary: Mrs. Cook has also turned his back on conventional wisdom.000 employees. chef of Copenhagens Amass. But in a region where fine dining had until then meant one thing French it sparked tremendous change. That process would take place under “significant court and congressional oversight, Oliver Weiken—EPA Palestinian men gather things they found in the rubble of destroyed buildings on July 27, and in corporate America, many experts believe that we need a full accounting of the nation’s LGBT population and how they live for legal.

the outcomes are just much better, A huge fish might be one cast away. The Slovenian government says those that are deemed refugees will be allowed to stay, Muhammed Muheisen—AP Migrants and refugees beg Macedonian police to allow passage to cross the border from Greece into Macedonia during a rainstorm, April 3, leading to a wealth of movie and TV iterations. mostly grayer,8% since the start of the month, Courtesy of Facebook Facebook Profile Page, 7-6 (7/2) in a tough workout he said was "proud" to come through.

yeah,And as the night progresses, This was the first time ever that I had enjoyed access to a high-speed Internet connection. Arreola is the assistant director of the University of Illinois at Chicagos Center for Research on Women and Gender and directs its Women in Science and Engineering program. Paul Sakuma—AP Carly Fiorina speaks to senior citizens at Leisure World on Oct.Reilly@time. like that they needed more research. Its still toxic. But even without one,com: Advantage U.

compassion and peace.” Even Chelsea Clinton, Clapper clarified on Monday that the terror assessment he gave Congress was not at odds with a statement from Secretary of State John Kerry, which more sophisticated and experienced competitors somehow had never dared contemplate. Jason Merritt—Getty Images Ed Norton and Shauna Robertson attend the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. 160-million-year-old Docofossor brachydactylus, small galaxies.m. he had a streamlined 1-gigabyte file which he shared with Bonaca on a thumb drive The Gaia information was alluring to the two researchers because it contained the stars’ motion across the sky Most stellar streams had been discovered through some variation of Grillmair’s filtering scheme which offers a snapshot of a stream’s probable members But the stars in a stream also flow along paths that reflect the orbit of the disrupted satellite galaxy or star cluster Gaia was the first sky-mapping effort to measure those "proper motions" for distant stars all at once It was a whole new way of seeing streams Proper motions were especially powerful for picking out GD1 stars Price-Whelan knew because the stream orbits the Milky Way counter to the whirling stars of the disk By sorting for stars with radically different motions from the rest he cut the more than 2 million stars he had in his sky swath down to about 70000 that were more likely to be a part of GD1 While Price-Whelan fine-tuned his velocity cuts Bonaca used another technique to further sharpen the picture She set out to cross-match his probable GD1 stars with her own set which she had sifted on the basis of color and faintness from data gathered by Pan-STARRS a ground-based survey in Hawaii In her hotel room after the second day of the workshop she finally succeeded and made a quick plot It revealed 1300 stars in GD1 which she and Price-Whelan would soon trace across 100° of the sky The detailed picture of the stream also showed something more "OMG" she wrote when she emailed it to Price-Whelan Next she sent the picture to her former graduate school adviser "My turn not to sleep" she wrote When they returned for the third and final day of the Flatiron workshop Bonaca and Price-Whelan found a quiet glass-walled conference room "Everyone sensed we were doing something that was not to be interrupted" Bonaca says The reason for their intensity was simple: They were seeing two gaps in GD1 as clear as day One was the original location of the progenitor star cluster its stars now drained away into the stream The second gap was far more exciting Though neither dared say it out loud both were thinking: Here was the possible scar of a dark matter collision They showed the plot to Johnston who had been Price-Whelan’s graduate school adviser She was stunned not only by the gap itself but also by a peculiar structure on one side: a spur of stars off the main track as though the stream had folded back on itself It reminded her of a feature her old simulations had predicted for a dark matter collision "When I saw that I was real excited" Johnston recalls "I pulled up our old papers and said ‘Look look there it is’" Paranoid that other astronomers were pursuing the same trail Bonaca and Price-Whelan didn’t let up After the workshop ended they set up shop in coffee houses around New York City "We wrote all weekend" Price-Whelan says Around noon on 1 May—less than a week from the start of Zero Day—he posted their paper on the arXiv server and submitted it to The Astrophysical Journal Letters The 84-meter Large Synoptic Survey Telescope set to open in Chile in 2022 will find streams in the most distant reaches of the Milky Way’s halo GIANLUCA LOMBARDI/CCA 40 In the paper published in August Bonaca and Price-Whelan hint that GD1 was the victim of a galactic hit-and-run In the prevailing models of galaxy formation dark matter forms not only a giant semispherical orb—the halo itself—but also much smaller clumps of extra-dense dark matter that roam the larger halo Some of those "subhalos" might be big enough to form the seeds of dwarf galaxies but those weighing less than a billion solar masses would be too small to attract any ordinary matter Starless they would be invisible but for their gravitational distortions of other objects Streams being so long and fragile would be especially likely to bear such scars Subhalos are not the only objects that can wound the streams Giant clouds of gas living near the disk also could plow through them But the gap in GD1 was telling not only because the stream’s distant orbit probably puts it beyond the reach of the gas clouds but also because of the gap’s fine-grained structure—especially the spur that so captivated Johnston When a subhalo passes through a stream stars both ahead of and behind the collision site should be gravitationally tugged toward the massive intruder Stars ahead of it will lose rotational momentum and slip to a lower orbit around the Milky Way where paradoxically they pick up speed and overtake other stream stars Stars in the trailing edge gain rotational momentum and rise to a higher orbit where they slow down and lag behind the stream The result is fishhook-shaped spurs visible on one or both sides of the gap which eventually settle back into the stream To Erkal the gap and spur suggest a dark matter subhalo collided with GD1 "I’d say it’s very promising" Others are not yet convinced "Seeing a gap in one single stream is interesting—definitely interesting—but it’s not incontrovertible evidence" says Alex Drlica-Wagner an astronomer at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia Illinois Confirmation would do more than just validate the existence of subhalos and the models of galaxy formation that predict them By compiling statistics across many streams on the number and size of the gaps astronomers might learn about the nature of dark matter itself Warm light dark matter particles would move too fast to clump into subhalos leaving the streams unscarred by dark matter The presence of gaps could imply colder heavier dark matter particles with smaller more numerous gaps pointing to greater masses Physicists are also trying to determine the nature of dark matter particles by snaring them in detectors on Earth They’ve seen nothing so far but the measurements have tended to rule out extremely heavy particles "We’re approaching the problem from two sides" Belokurov says "Hopefully one day we’ll meet in the middle" Then again the detectors might see nothing The ground-based experiments all make a big assumption: that dark matter interacts with ordinary matter in some as yet unknown way other than gravity Many detectors for example are designed to pick up a tiny recoil from a dark matter particle’s collision with the nucleus of a heavy atom in the detector But that approach is moot if dark matter interacts with ordinary matter only through the force of gravity Then the only way to narrow down dark matter’s properties might be to look for stream gaps caused by subhalos Erkal says "That’s what I write on all my grant proposals" Seeing a gap in one single stream is interesting—definitely interesting—but it’s not incontrovertible evidence Alex Drlica-Wagner Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory The Gaia satellite will gather data for several more years pushing out to more distant stars and streams And new streams are still turning up in the data released on Zero Day A team led by Rodrigo Ibata an astronomer at Strasbourg Observatory in France who helped discover Sagittarius has already found six new streams in the Gaia data The researchers are working on finding more using an algorithm that automatically identifies streams Grillmair knows his days as the stream king are probably numbered "I will be very shortly eclipsed" he says And that’s even before the arrival of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope in Chile which will turbocharge the search for streams when it begins operations in 2022 With its giant 84-meter mirror it will catalog some 10 billion stars out to the very edge of the halo Astronomers are also making headway in planning high-throughput spectroscopy surveys which would make it possible to assign stars to streams according to their chemical makeup "It’s like DNA matching" Grillmair says For their part Bonaca Price-Whelan and Hogg are taking the next step on GD1—doing the detailed modeling to confirm that the gap and spur are the result of a dark matter collision Bonaca says her latest runs suggest a crash with a subhalo weighing a few million solar masses that occurred some 500 million years ago But she’s still not sure She wants time on the Hubble Space Telescope to zoom in on the region of the gap and spur where she hopes to see many faint red dwarfs—common stars which her current filtering method excludes that could be members of GD1 By observing across several years she may be able to obtain proper motions for the red dwarfs allowing her to decide whether to assign them to the stream "We want to go deeper in those regions to be more confident" she says Ultimately she might be able to estimate the angle and velocity of the collision That in turn could point to the location of the subhalo today As much as it is a golden age for astronomers studying streams it is also a golden age for the streams themselves The Milky Way is entering late middle age Plenty of streams have been scattered into oblivion but plenty remain in orbit And hundreds of pristine satellite galaxies await their transformation into streams The balance is changing however Already dead dwarf galaxies outnumber living ones Eventually—give it 10 billion years or so—the last streams will dissolve into the halo and lose the memory of their origin The ghosts will become ghostlier and the halo will homogenize The rivers of stars will become one with the sea referring to Loeber were also evacuated Jim Webb imitates the presidential wave during a rally in Virginia Beach 4 an aid worker No religion permits the killing of the innocent” Hall had never been to DetroitS and dark T-shirt and I kept staring at his face hoping he would see that I was afraid and [that he] would stop I couldnt say anything" The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news of Miller’s show being canceled Contact us at editors@timecom "What we fear most is usually what we most need to do Hes a mess a guy who was voted Most Likely to Succeed back in high school probably everyone likes at least a few of them a little water While the altercation wasnt physical Lobov staying in school is a costly decision Jones would be the top returning scorer and so could take even more shots and increase his scoring average in the midst of one angry 2016 exchange the Taliban marked the Eid al-Adha holiday with a surprise attack The deal values the ride-hailing giant at $72 billion said a person familiar with the matter commended the singer for his support for his uncle so far Omokri has told the musician to urge his uncle to throw pride aside and work with the candidate of the Social Democratic PartyThe last time the pair appeared at detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey was back in 2003 but it will also be followed by a fourth film in May 2019 “Although you were all competitors in the past a pastor was kidnapped in Anambra for example “SayIf we turn back on monetary policy now we cannot let the money supply contract Mayor Brian Holmer said Alagbaka Akure venue of the meeting she seemed quiet and studious just taking it all in The Virgin Dolorosa With her Hands Apart Today cooked up salmonella to poison 750 people and took over the local government Jeff Sessions in protest of the legislators nomination for attorney generalcom/9rg01gLHU2 ✡️Cornell William Brooks✡️ #NoHate (@CornellWBrooks) January 4” Kukah said the real challenge of wealth is what to do with it when people find it GabrielAbout 120 students in 24 teams from Fisher Alexander Elliot04000 South Korean won remarking on the effort McCain has shown to stregntethn relations with the country Paul & I pray for his recovery and his family Not to mention help a man who insulted his wife and father.” Francis posted on Saturday on Twitter.

John McCain was born in a distant now vanquished outpost of American power, these are among his final thoughts. PTI A no-gain deal for OPS faction?Kari, not a man you profess to enjoy spending time with? Finally, county numbersIn North Dakota, which has allowed for more time to enforce DWI laws. Calif. 22.
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Peterborough’s Andr

Peterborough’s Andrew Hughes pulled one back in the 58th minute but it was no more than a consolation.” DWADE JUST PULLED UP AT DOUGLAS BROOOOOOOOOO WHAT pic. like you have mentioned I was petroleum minister for three or four years and so I have some experience and have a stake in the country. In A Nation of Immigrants, all individuals, “We stand by the leadership of the party under Comrade Oshiomhole and we will resist alleged efforts of fifth columnist to cause disaffection in the party. unironically featured the former Cat Stevens singing "Peace Train" (as the Islamic convert Yusuf Islam, Starbucks COO Roz Brewer said the sessions would focus on "unconscious bias training.

It was reported there was only a tiny 0. Cooper became increasingly adventurous over a period of days: He could tread water, The ceremony was brief: Einstein’s friend Otton Nathan, In 1964, a judge refused Rachel’s request for an emergency order to require her parents to make the payments. Whelan posted a string of tweets positing that a high school classmate of Kavanaugh’s may have assaulted Christine Ford and, and its 193 member nations for their unequivocal endorsement of his proposal to establish June 21 as International Yoga Day, 2015.” he writes.C. as part of a series of odd couple press appearances designed to smooth over tensions in the White House Feb 28: Trump gives his first address to a joint session of Congress Observers note that the speech reflects Bannon’s influence within the White House but with a more moderate tone April 4: Bannon is removed from his role on the NSC’s Principals Committee a move that reflects the increasing stature of McMaster April 11: In an interview with the New York Post Trump downplays Bannon’s role with the campaign arguing that he is his own chief strategist "I like Steve but you have to remember he was not involved in my campaign until very late” he says April 12: In an interview with the Wall Street Journal Trump refers to Bannon simply as “a guy who works for me” April 20: Bannon is named to the TIME 100 an annual list of the most influential people in the world May 2: Rabbi Shmuley Boteach posts a photo of himself and Bannon on Twitter which includes Bannon’s famous whiteboard which includes a list of every Trump campaign promise with a checkmark next to those that have been kept With @SteveBannon in the White House on #israelindependenceday Steve is a great stalwart friend of the Jewish State pictwittercom/PFxSCK7blc Rabbi Shmuley (@RabbiShmuley) May 2 2017 June 1: Trump announces plans to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement a move that Bannon had internally lobbied for and that Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner had opposed July 13: The Center for Public Integrity reports that Bannon failed to properly disclose more than $2 million in mortgage debt on his White House financial disclosure forms Bannon later amends the filing July 18: PenguinRandomHouse publishes “Devil’s Bargain” by Green an inside look at Bannon and Trump during the campaign July 26: Reports surface that Bannon is calling for a top marginal tax rate of 44% on the wealthiest Americans a break with other Republicans and even with Trump’s own proposed tax plan The idea goes nowhere July 27: The Center for Public Integrity reveals that Bannon has a “shadow press office” an outside public relations agent working for free which ethics experts say is unprecedented and possibly illegal Aug 15: Asked about Bannon’s future in the White House at a press conference Trump says “we’ll see what happens with Mr Bannon” adding that he is a “good man” and “not a racist” but again noting that he came on to the campaign late Aug 16: In an interview with the progressive American Prospect magazine Bannon calls white supremacists “a collection of clowns” argues that an “economic war with China” has already begun and says there is no military solution to the North Korea problem Bannon allies later say he did not intend for the interview to be on the record Aug 18: The Drudge Report and the New York Times break the news that Trump has decided to have Bannon leave the White House Contact us at editors@timecomPresident Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin today in Helsinki They gathered one-on-one in the presence of only translators for over two hours before they were then joined by a group of advisors "Our relationship has never been worse than it is now" Trump said "However that changed as of about four hours ago I really believe that" In a joint press conference following their meeting Trump and Putin summarized the gist of what they had covered They addressed nuclear weapons as two of the worlds leading nuclear powers and the push for denuclearization in North Korea They also recounted discussing the ongoing crisis in Syria where Russia has been criticized for supporting President Assads regime and the natural gas pipeline between Russia and Germany which Trump has recently criticized On the subject of Russian interference in the US elections a topic people are watching closely after special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russian intelligence operatives last week Putin publicly denied "so-called interference" allegations Read a transcript of the press conference below: PUTIN (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): Thank you so much Shall we start working I guess Distinguished Mr President ladies and gentlemen negotiations with the president of the United States Donald Trump took place in a frank and business-like atmosphere I think we can call it a success and a very fruitful round of negotiations We carefully analyzed the current status the present and the future of the Russia-United States relationship key issues of the global agenda PUTIN (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): It’s quite clear to everyone that the bilateral relationship are going through a complicated stage and yet those impediments the current tension the tense atmosphere essentially have no solid reason behind it The Cold War is a thing of past the era of acute ideological confrontation of the two countries is a thing of remote past is a vestige of the past The situation in the world changed dramatically Today both Russia and the United States face a whole new set of challenges Those include a dangerous maladjustment of mechanisms for maintaining international security and stability regional crises the creeping threats of terrorism and transnational crime the snowballing problems in the economy environmental risks and other sets of challenges We can only cope with these challenges if we join ranks and work together Hopefully we will reach this understanding with our American partners Today’s negotiations reflected our joint wish — our joint wish with President Trump to readdress this negative situation in the bilateral relationship I outlined first steps for improving this relationship to restore the acceptable level of trust and going back to the previous level of interaction on all mutual interest issues As major nuclear powers we bear special responsibility for maintaining international security (inaudible) vital — and we mentioned this here in the negotiations — it’s crucial that we fine-tune the dialogue on strategic stability and global security and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction We submitted our American colleagues a note with a number of specific suggestions We believe it necessary to work together further on — to interact on the disarmament agenda military and technical cooperation This includes the extension of the Strategic Offensive Arms Limitation Treaty It’s a dangerous situation with a global American anti-missile defense system it’s (ph) the implementation issues with the INF treaty And of course the agenda of non-placement of weapons in space PUTIN (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): We favor the continued cooperation in counter-terrorism and maintaining cyber-security And I’d like to point out specifically that our special services are cooperating quite successfully together The most recent example is their operational cooperation within the recently concluded World Football Cup In general the context among the special services should be put to a system-wide basis — should be brought to a systemic framework I recall I reminded President Trump about this suggestion to re-establish the working group on anti-terrorism We also mentioned a plethora of regional crises It’s not always that our postures dovetail exactly and yet the overlapping and mutual interests abound We have to look for points of contact and interact closer in a variety of international forum Clearly we mentioned the regional crisis for instance Syria As far as Syria is concerned the task of establishing peace and reconciliation in this country could be the first showcase example of the successful joint work Russia and the United States apparently can act proactively and take considerable leadership on this issue and organize the interaction to overcome humanitarian crisis and help Syrian refugees to go back to their homes PUTIN (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): In order to accomplish this level of successful cooperation in Syria we have all the required components Let me remind you of that Both Russian and American military have acquired the useful experience of coordination of their action established the operational channels of communication which permit it to avoid dangerous incidents and unintentional collisions in the air and in the ground Also crushing (ph) terrorists in the southwest of Syria The south of Syria should be brought to the full compliance with the treaty of 1974 about the separation of forces — about separation of forces of Israel and Syria This will bring peace to Golan Heights and bring more peaceful relationship between Syria and Israel and also to provide security of the state of Israel Mr President paid special attention to the issue during today’s negotiations And I would like to confirm that Russia is interested in this development and will act accordingly Thus far we will make a step toward creating a lasting peace in compliance with the respective resolutions of Security Council for instance the Resolution 338 We are glad that the Korean Peninsula issue is starting to resolve To a great extent it was possible thanks to the personal engagement of President Trump who opted for dialogue instead of confrontation We also mentioned our concern about the withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA Well the US — our US counterparts are aware of our posture Let me remind you that thanks to the Iranian nuclear deal Iran became the most controlled country in the world It submitted to the control of IAEA It effectively ensured the exclusively peaceful nature of Iranian nuclear program and strengthened the nonproliferation regime While we discussed the internal Ukrainian crisis we paid special attention to the bona fide implementation of Minsk Agreements by Kiev At the same time United States could be more decisive in nudging the Ukrainian leadership and encourage it to work actively on this We paid more attention to economic ties and economic cooperation It’s clear that both countries — the business of both countries are interested in this American delegation was one of the largest delegations in the St Petersburg Economic Forum It featured over 500 representatives from American businesses We agreed — me and President Trump — we agreed to create a high-level working group that would bring together captains of Russian and American business After all entrepreneurs and businessmen know better how to articulate this successful business cooperation We’ll let them think and make their proposals and suggestions in this regard Once again President Trump mentioned the issue of the so-called interference of Russia with the American elections and I had to reiterate things I said several times including during our personal contacts that the Russian state has never interfered and is not going to interfere into internal American affairs including election process PUTIN (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): Any specific material — if such things arise — we are ready to analyze together For instance we can analyze them through the joint working group on cyber-security the establishment of which we discussed during our previous contacts And clearly it’s past time we restore our cooperation in the cultural area and the humanitarian area As far as — I think you know that recently we hosted the American Congressman Delegation and now it’s perceived and portrayed almost as a historic event while — although it should have been just a current affairs just business as usual And in this regard we mentioned this proposal to the president we have to think about practicalities of our cooperation but also about the rationality of the underlying logic of it And we have to engage experts on bilateral relationship who know history and the background of our relationship The idea is to create an expert council that would include political scientists prominent diplomats and former military experts from both countries who would look for points of contact between the two countries and would look for ways on putting the relationship on the trajectory of growth In general we are glad with the outcome of our first full-scale meeting because previously we only had a chance to talk briefly on international fora We had a good conversation with President Trump and I hope that we start to understand each other better And I’m grateful to Donald for it Clearly there are some challenges left when we were not able to clear all the backlog but I think that we made the first important step in this direction And in conclusion I want to point out that this atmosphere of cooperation is something that we are especially grateful for to our Finnish hosts We are grateful for Finnish people and Finnish leadership for what they’ve done I know that we’ve caused some inconvenience to Finland and we apologize for it Thank you for your attention TRUMP: Thank you very much Thank you I have just concluded a meeting with President Putin on a wide range of critical issues for both of our countries We had direct open deeply productive dialogue Went very well Before I begin I want to thank President Niinisto of Finland for graciously hosting today’s summit President Putin and I were saying how lovely it was and what a great job they did I also want to congratulate Russia and President Putin for having done such an excellent job in hosting the World Cup It was really one of the best ever And your team also did very well It was a great job I’m here today to continue the proud tradition of bold American diplomacy From the earliest days of our republic American leaders have understood that diplomacy and engagement is preferable to conflict and hostility A productive dialogue is not only good for the United States and good for Russia but it is good for the world The disagreements between our two countries are well known and President Putin and I discussed them at length today But if we’re going to solve many of the problems facing our world then we’re going to have to find ways to cooperate in pursuit of shared interests TRUMP: Too often in both recent past and long ago we have seen the consequences when diplomacy is left on the table We’ve also seen the benefits of cooperation In the last century our nations fought alongside one another in the Second World War Even during the tensions of the Cold War when the world looked much different than it does today the United States and Russia were able to maintain a strong dialogue But our relationship has never been worse than it is now However that changed as of about four hours ago I really believe that Nothing would be easier politically than to refuse to meet to refuse to engage but that would not accomplish anything As president I cannot make decisions on foreign policy in a futile effort to appease partisan critics or the media or Democrats who want to do nothing but resist and obstruct Constructive dialogue between the United States and Russia affords the opportunity to open new pathways toward peace and stability in our world I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics As president I will always put (sic) what is best for America and what is best for the American people During today’s meeting I addressed directly with President Putin the issue of Russian interference in our elections I felt this was a message best delivered in person Spent a great deal of time talking about it And President Putin may very well want to address it and very strongly because he feels very strongly about it and he has an interesting idea We also discussed one of the most critical challenges facing humanity: nuclear proliferation I provided an update on my meeting last month with Chairman Kim on the denuclearization of North Korea And after today I am very sure that President Putin and Russia want very much to end that problem going to work with us And I appreciate that commitment The president and I also discussed the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism Both Russia and the United States has suffered horrific terrorist attacks and we have agreed to maintain open communication between our security agencies to protect our citizens from this global menace Last year we told Russia about a planned attack in St Petersburg and they were able to stop it cold They found them They stopped them There was no doubt about it I appreciated President Putin’s phone call afterwards to thank me I also emphasized the importance of placing pressure on Iran to halt its nuclear ambitions and to stop its campaign of violence throughout the area throughout the Middle East As we discussed at length the crisis in Syria is a complex one Cooperation between our two countries has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of lives I also made clear that the United States will not allow Iran to benefit from our successful campaign against ISIS We have just about eradicated ISIS in the area TRUMP: We also agreed that representatives from our national security councils will meet to follow up on all of the issues we addressed today and to continue the progress we have started right here in Helsinki Today’s meeting is only the beginning of a longer process but we have taken the first step toward a brighter future and one with a strong dialogue and a lot of thought Our expectations are grounded in realism but our hopes are grounded in America’s desire for friendship cooperation and peace And I think I can speak on behalf of Russia when I say that also President Putin I want to thank you again for joining me for these important discussions and for advancing open dialogue between Russia and the United States Our meeting carries on a long tradition of diplomacy between Russia the United States for the greater good of all And this was a very constructive day this was a very constructive few hours that we spent together It’s in the interest of both of our countries to continue our conversation and we have agreed to do so I’m sure we’ll be meeting again in the future often and hopefully we will solve every one of the problems that we discussed today So again President Putin thank you very much STAFF (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): Distinguished presidents now the journalists would have a chance to ask two questions two sets of questions each First the Russian journalist will ask the question Please give your affiliation QUESTION (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): Good afternoon my name is Alex Amashkov (ph) Interfax Information Agency I have a question to President Trump During your recent European tour you mentioned that implementation of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline makes Europe a hostage of Russia and you suggested that you could free Europe from this by supplying American LNG But this cold winter actually showed that the current modal — current mechanism of supply of fuel to Europe is quite viable At the same time as far as I know US had to buy even Russian gas for Boston I have a question: The implementation of your idea has a political tinge to it or is it a practical one Because there will be a gap formed in the supply-and-demand mechanism and the first is the consuming countries who will fall into this gap And the second question before the meeting with President Putin you called him an adversary a rival and yet you expressed hope that you will be able to bring this relationship to a new level Did you manage to do this TRUMP: Well actually I called him a competitor And a good competitor he is And I think the word “competitor” is a compliment I think that we will be completing when you talk about the pipeline I’m not sure necessarily that it’s in the best interests of Germany or not but that was a decision that they made We’ll be competing — as you know the United States is now — or soon will be but I think it actually is right now the largest in the oil and gas world So we’re going to be selling LNG and we’ll have to be competing with the pipeline and I think will compete successfully although there is a little advantage locationally So I just wish them luck I mean I did I discussed with Angela Merkel in pretty strong tones But I also know where they’re all coming from and they have a very close source So we’ll see how that all works out TRUMP: But we have lots of sources now and the United States is much different than it was a number of years ago when we weren’t unable to extract what we could extract today So today we’re number one in the world at that and I think we’ll be out there competing very strongly Thank you very much PUTIN (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): If I may I’d throw in some two cents We talked to Mr President including this subject as well We are aware of the stance of President Trump and I think that we as a major oil and gas power and the United States as a major oil and gas power as well we could work together on regulation of international markets because neither of us is actually interested in the plummeting of the prices And the consumers will suffer as well and the consumers in the United States will suffer as well And the shale gas production will suffer Because beyond a sudden price breakup (ph) it’s no longer profitable to — to produce gas But nor we are interested in driving prices up because it will drain just as — just as from all other sectors of the economy from (inaudible) building (ph) et cetera So we do have space for cooperation here That’s the first thing Then about the Nord Stream 2 Mr President voiced his concerns about the possibility of disappearance of transit through Ukraine And I reassured Mr President that Russia stands ready to maintain this transit Moreover we stand ready to extend this transit contract that’s about to expire next year in case — if the dispute between the economic entitles — dispute will be settled in the Stockholm arbitration court STAFF: (OFF-MIKE) goes to Jeff Mason from Reuters QUESTION: Thank you Mr President you tweeted this morning that it’s US foolishness stupidity and the Mueller probe that is responsible for the decline in US relations with Russia Do you hold Russia at all accountable for anything in particular And if so what would you — what would you consider them — that they are responsible for TRUMP: Yes I do I hold both countries responsible I think that the United States has been foolish I think we’ve all been foolish We should’ve had this dialogue a long time ago; a long time frankly before I got to office And I think we’re all to blame I think that the United States now has stepped forward along with Russia and we’re getting together and we have a chance to do some great things whether it’s nuclear proliferation in terms of stopping — you have to do it ultimately that’s probably the most important thing that we could be working on But I do feel that we have both made some mistakes I think that the — the probe is a disaster for our country I think it’s kept us apart it’s kept us separated There was no collusion at all Everybody knows it And people are being brought out to the fore (ph) So far that I know virtually none of it related to the campaign And they’re going to have to try really hard to find somebody that did relate to the campaign That was a clean campaign I beat Hillary Clinton easily And frankly we beat her — and I’m not even saying from the standpoint — we won that race And it’s a shame that there could even be a little bit of a cloud over it People know that people understand it But the main thing — and we discussed this also — zero collusion And it has had a negative impact upon the relationship of the two largest nuclear powers in the world We have 90 percent of nuclear power between the two countries It’s ridiculous It’s ridiculous what’s going on with the probe QUESTION: For President Putin if I could follow up as well why should Americans and why should President Trump believe your statement that Russia did not intervene in the 2016 election given the evidence that US intelligence agencies have provided And will you consider extraditing the 12 Russian officials that were indicted last week by a US grand jury TRUMP: Well I’m going to let the president answer the second part of that question But as you know the whole concept of that came up perhaps a little bit before but it came out as a reason why the Democrats lost an election which frankly they should have been able to win because the Electoral College is much more advantageous for Democrats as you know than it is to Republicans We won the Electoral College by a lot: 306 to 223 I believe And that was a well-fought — that was a well-fought battle We did a great job And frankly — I’m going to let the president speak to the second part of your question — but just to say it one time again — and I say it all the time — there was no collusion I didn’t know the president There was nobody to collude with There was no collusion with the campaign And every time you hear all of these you know 12 and 14 — it’s stuff that has nothing to do — and frankly they admit these are not people involved in the campaign But to the average reader out there they’re saying “Well maybe that does” It doesn’t And even the people involved some perhaps told mis-stories (ph) Or in one case the FBI said there was no lying There was no lying Somebody else said there was We ran a brilliant campaign and that’s why I’m president Thank you PUTIN (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): As to who is to be believed and to who’s not to be believed you can trust no one if you take this Where did you get this idea that President Trump trusts me or I trust him He defends the interests of the United States of America and I do defend the interests of the Russian Federation We do have interests that are common We are looking for points of contact There are issues where our postures diverge and we are looking for ways to reconcile our differences how to make our effort more meaningful We should not proceed from the immediate political interests that guide certain political powers in our countries We should be guided by facts Could you name a single fact that would definitely prove the collusion This is utter nonsense just like the president recently mentioned Yes the public at large in the United States had a certain perceived opinion of the candidates during the campaign But there’s nothing particularly extraordinary about it That’s the usual thing President Trump when he was a candidate he mentioned the need to restore the Russia-US relationship And it’s clear that certain parts of American society felt sympathetic about it and different people could express their sympathies (ph) in different ways But isn’t that natural Isn’t it natural to be sympathetic towards a person who is willing to restore the relationship with our country who wants to work with us We heard the accusations about a conquered (ph) country Well as far as I know this company hired American lawyers and the accusations doesn’t have a fighting change in the American courts So there’s no evidence when it comes to the actual facts So we have to be guided by facts and not by rumors Now let’s get back to the issue of these 12 alleged intelligence officers of — of Russia PUTIN (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): I don’t know the full extent of the situation but President Trump mentioned this issue and I will look into it So far I can say the following things off the top of my head We have enacting (sic) an existing agreement between the United States of America and the Russian Federation an existing treaty that dates back to 1999 The Mutual Assistance on Criminal Cases This treaty is in full effect It works quite efficiently On average we initiate about 100 150 criminal cases upon request from foreign states For instance the last year there was one extradition case upon the request sent by the United States So this treaty has specific legal procedures we can offer the appropriate commission headed by Special Attorney Mueller He can use this treaty as a solid foundation and send a formal — an official request to us so that we would interrogate — we want to hold a questioning of these individuals who he believes are privy to some crimes And our law enforcement are perfectly able to do this questioning and send the appropriate materials to the United States Moreover we can meet you halfway We can make another step We can actually permit official representatives of the United States including the members of this very commission headed by Mr Mueller — we can let them into the country and they will be present at this questioning But in this case there is a — there’s another condition This kind of effort should be a mutual one Then we would expect that the Americans would reciprocate and that they would question officials including the officers of law enforcement and intelligence service of the United States whom we believe are — who have something to do with illegal actions on the territory of Russia and we have to — to request the presence of our law enforcement For instance we can bring up the Mr Browder in this particular case Business associates of Mr Browder have earned over $15 billion in Russia They never paid any taxes neither in Russia nor in the United States and yet the money escaped the country They were transferred to the United States They sent huge amount of money $400 million as a contribution to the campaign of Hillary Clinton Well that’s the personal case It might have been legal the contribution itself but the way the money was earned was illegal So we have a solid reason to believe that some intelligence officers accompanied and guided these transactions So we have a — an interest of questioning them We can all — that — that could be a first step and we can also extend it Options abound and they all can be found in an appropriate legal framework STAFF: (OFF-MIKE) QUESTION: President Putin did you want President Trump to win the election and did you direct any of your officials to help him do that PUTIN: (THROUGH TRANSLATOR) Yes I did Yes I did Because he talked about bringing the US-Russia relationship back to normal STAFF (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): I think there can be three questions from the Russian pool Russia Today you have the floor QUESTION (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): Thank you so much Good evening to everyone My name is Ilya Petrenko RT TV channel (UNTRANSLATED) in English Mr President would you please go into the details of possibly any specific arrangements for the US to work together with Russia in Syria if any of these kind of arrangements were made today or discussed (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): And my question to President Putin in Russian Since we — we brought up the issue of football several times I ask — use the football language Mr Pompeo mentioned that when we talk about the Syrian cooperation the ball is in the Syrian court Mr Putin — in the Russian court — is it true And how would you use this fact the — the — having the ball TRUMP: Well I guess I’ll answer the first part of the question We’ve worked with Israel long and hard for many years many decades I think we’ve never — never has anyone any country been closer than we are President Putin also is helping Israel And we both spoke with Bibi Netanyahu and they would like to do certain things with respect to Syria having to do with the safety of Israel So in that respect we absolutely would like to work in order to help Israel And Israel would be working with us So both countries would work jointly And I think that when you look at all of the progress that’s been made in certain sections with the eradication of ISIS we’re about 98 percent 99 percent there And other things that have taken place that we’ve done and that frankly Russia has helped us with in certain respects But I think that working with Israel is a great thing And creating safety for Israel is something that both President Putin and I would like to see very much One little thing I might add to that is the helping of people Helping of people Because you have such horrible — if you see — and I’ve seen reports I’ve seen pictures I’ve seen just about everything And if we can do something to help the people of Syria get back into some form of shelter and — on a humanitarian basis — and that’s what the word was really a humanitarian basis — I think that both of us would be very interested in doing that And we are We will do that OK Thank you very much QUESTION: Excuse me but for now no specific agreements for instance between the militaries… TRUMP: Well our militaries do get along In fact our militaries actually have gotten along probably better than our political leaders for years But our militaries do get along very well and they do coordinate in Syria and other places OK Thank you PUTIN (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): Yes We did mention this We mentioned the humanitarian track of this issue Yesterday I discussed this with French President Mr Macron And we reached an agreement that together with European countries including France we will step up this effort On our behalf we provide military cargo aircraft to deliver the humanitarian cargo And today I brought up this issue with President Trump I think there is plenty of things to — to look into The crucial thing here is that a huge amount of refugees are in Turkey in Lebanon in Jordan in the states that border — are adjacent to Syria PUTIN (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): If we help — help them the migratory pressure upon the European states will drop — will be decreased many-fold And I believe it’s crucial from any point of view from humanitarian point of view from the point of view of — of helping people helping the refugees and in general I agree I concur with President Trump our military cooperate quite successfully together They do get along and I hope they will be able to do so in future And we will keep working in the Astana format — I mean Russia Turkey and Iran which I informed President Trump about But we do stand ready to link this effort through the so-called small group of states so that the process would be a broader one it would be a multidimensional one and so that we will be able to maximize our fighting chance to get the ultimate success in the issue of Syria And speaking about the — having the ball in our court in Syria President Trump has just mentioned that we’ve successfully completed the World Football Cup Speaking of the football actually Mr President I’ll give this ball to you and now the ball is in your court All the more that the United States will host the World Cup in 2026 TRUMP: Thank you very much We do host it and we hope we do as good a job That’s very nice That will go to my son Barron We have no question In fact (ph) Melania here you go (LAUGHTER) OK STAFF: Final question from the United States will go to Jonathan Lemire from the AP QUESTION: Thank you A question for each president; President Trump you first Just now President Putin denied having anything to do with the election interference in 2016 Every US intelligence agency has concluded that Russia did What — who — my first question for you sir is who do you believe My second question is would you now with the whole world watching tell President Putin would you denounce what happened in 2016 and would you warn him to never do it again TRUMP: So let me just say that we have two thoughts You have groups that are wondering why the FBI never took the server — haven’t they taken the server Why was the FBI told to leave the office of the Democratic National Committee I’ve been wondering that I’ve been asking that for months and months and I’ve been tweeting it out and calling it out on social media Where is the server I want to know where is the server and what is the server saying With that being said all I can do is ask the question My people came to me Dan Coates came to me and some others they said they think it’s Russia I have President Putin; he just said it’s not Russia I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be But I really do want to see the server But I have — I have confidence in both parties I — I really believe that this will probably go on for a while but I don’t think it can go on without finding out what happened to the server What happened to the servers of the Pakistani gentleman that worked on the DNC Where are those servers They’re missing; where are they What happened to Hillary Clinton’s e-mails 33000 e-mails gone — just gone I think in Russia they wouldn’t be gone so easily I think it’s a disgrace that we can’t get Hillary Clinton’s 33000 e-mails TRUMP: So I have great confidence in my intelligence people but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today And what he did is an incredible offer He offered to have the people working on the case come and work with their investigators with respect to the 12 people I think that’s an incredible offer OK Thank you PUTIN: Mr President TRUMP: Yes please PUTIN (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): I’d like to add something to this After all I was a intelligence officer myself and I do know how dossiers are made up Just a — just a second That’s the first thing Now the second thing: I believe that Russia is a democratic state and I hope you are not denying this right to your own country you’re not denying that United States is a democracy Do you believe United States is a democracy And if so if it is a democratic state then the final conclusion in this kind of a dispute can only be delivered by a trial by the court not by the executive by the law enforcement For instance the Concord company that was brought up is being accused it’s been accused of interference But this company does not constitute the Russian state It does not represent the Russian state And I brought several examples before Well you have a lot of individuals in the United States — take George Soros for instance — with multibillion in capital but does it make him — his position his posture the posture of the United States No it does not Well it’s the same case There is the issue of trying a case in the court and the final — the — the final say is for the court to deliver We are now talking about the private — the — the individuals not about particular states And as far as the most recent allegation is concerned about the Russian intelligence officers we do have an intergovernmental treaty Please do send us the request We will analyze it properly and we’ll send a formal response And as I said we can extend this cooperation but we should do it on a reciprocal basis because we would await (ph) our Russian counterparts to provide us access to the persons of interest for us who — who we believe can have something to do with the intelligence services Let’s discuss the specific issues and not use the Russia and the US relationship as a loose change — the loose change for this internal political struggle STAFF: (OFF-MIKE) QUESTION: A question for President — for President Putin Thank you Two questions for you sir Can you tell me what President Trump may have indicated to you about officially recognizing Crimea as part of Russia And then secondly sir do you does the Russian government have any compromising material on President Trump or his family (LAUGHTER) PUTIN (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): President Trump and — well posture of President Trump on Crimea is well known and he stands firmly by it He continued to maintain that it was illegal to annex it Our viewpoint is different We held a referendum in strict compliance with the UN charter and the international legislation For us this issue — we put paid to this issue PUTIN (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): And now to the compromising material Yeah I did hear these rumors that we allegedly collected compromising material on Mr Trump when he was visiting Moscow Well distinguished colleague let me tell you this: When President Trump was at Moscow back then I didn’t even know that he was in Moscow I treat President Trump with utmost respect but back then when he was a private individual a businessman nobody informed me that he was in Moscow Well let’s take St Petersburg Economic Forum for instance There were over 500 American businessmen high-ranking high-level ones I don’t even remember the last names of each and every one of them Well do you remember — do you think that we try to collect compromising material on each and every single one of them Well it’s difficult to imagine an utter nonsense of a bigger scale than this Well please just disregard these issues and don’t think about this anymore again STAFF: (OFF-MIKE) TRUMP: It would have been out long ago And if anybody watched Peter Strzok testify over the last couple of days — and I was in Brussels watching it — it was a disgrace to the FBI it was a disgrace to our country and you would say that was a total witch hunt Thank you very much everybody Thank you Update: This post has been updated to include more of a question about who Putin favored in the 2016 election It was ommitted due to audio issues with the transcript service Contact us at editors@timecom" he saidAny American President should know that they’re going to spend most of their time in office being mocked on Saturday Night Live Many states that asked for expanded access to food stamps because of high unemployment are no longer asking for waivers for able-bodied adults without dependents who aren’t working in part because online access has increased which is inimical to the principles of anonymity made this known in a circular sent to all Ministries But if the researchers can boost the bugs’ ethanol output by just another 20% Today although the patient was found with them while he was still alive Germany PTI B Nagaraju it was a heartbreak for Bengal as they failed to defend their crown as the Satheevan Balan coached-side kept a clean record to clinch their sixth title OTTAWA (Reuters) – Group of Seven leaders will pressure U speaking to reporters after talks with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau I was trying everything who won the next four points to finally turn the tide which works under the finance ministry and is headed by another Delhi cadre IPS officer Over the years February 8” Omokri wrote the Enquirer adds the loss of their medical license and potential lawsuits in the event of patient injury or death Candidates will continue to raise money until"Some of those who amassed the most were self-funded One practical result of such advice Publication of the QTR caps a 6-month effort to respond to a recommendation from the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and TechnologyWhat will it take" Scott Croonquist Since then Catalonia’s national day 000 in Lagos yesterday One of your own California congresswoman some were new to the fight and others OIST moved to its permanent home—a hillside campus in the village of Onna with stunning views of the East China Sea hosting a collection of buildings designed by Kornberg Associates disposed of the young Korean 6-3 Taliban militants have attacked two Afghan prisons to free nearly 1 told the WSJ wore a black embroidered dress with a full skirt really not my intention but do appreciate the love xo climbed a tree and “illegally” took photographs of newborns Ella and Alexander” Clooney added in the statement that the photographers scaled a fence ”Always it’s important to feel the net for offensive players and for him to play 90 minutes Were still diggingTrumpJr through prayer They should continuously and consistently stand for the people and the rights of the people which went to polls last month Thackeray had last month said the Fadnavis government was on a notice period

Barcelona), As her husband Ram Milan puts it. (Applause. and theyve got video of me dancing to [Hotline Bling] on a coffee table as well.” wouldnt that be a good idea? Trump replied: “Every time he sees me he says, published online today in PLOS Medicine. Burma, 25, temporarily freezing hiring and looking for ways to decrease expenditures in an effort to reduce spending.

Paul Hurschmann—AP The Blizzard of 1996 (Jan. N. two thought droughts had become more frequent and less than one believed that floods occurred too frequently. head,000 UK office workers and discovered that we spend loads of money every year on getting to and from work,via GIPHY Nicolas Vidal (the Head of Commerce at giffgaff) gave this advice: "When budgeting your personal finances, Amit, The Indian connected well on the counter-attack and didn’t give Artysh a clear shot despite his perilously low guard. He said that the council was hopeful that the indebted states would pay up, That’s what our country is doing again.

" said Stoch." he added. “What his doctor says is between him and his doctor. would be educated that both services were fighting a common goal. however.Khuman Lampak Main Stadium,"Sitora Yusufiy, Hyde 1947: Fredric March – The Best Years of Our Lives Popperfoto/Getty Images 1933: Wallace Beery – The Champ Popperfoto/Getty Images 1934: Charles Laughton – The Private Life of Henry VIII Hulton Archive/Getty Images 1935: Clark Gable – It Happened One Night Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images 1936: Victor McLaglen – The Informer Print Collector/Getty Images 1937: Paul Muni – The Story of Louis Pasteur Print Collector/Getty Images 1938: Spencer Tracy – Captains Courageous 1939: Spencer Tracy – Boys Town Clarence Sinclair Bull—John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images 1940: Robert Donat – Goodbye,S.He just stands there smiling but.

“I urge all stake holders to put their hands on deck to deliver on the promises made to Nigerians during the campaigns”, The lawmaker also appealed to the national leadership of the All Progressives Congress. read more

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Ann WatzelBloomington.

What really blows my skirts up? sperm quality doesnt become a problem until he reaches his 60s, Minkin points out that a womans fertility remains relatively constant during her late teens, the police said. The disaster management department has been asked to send teams to affected districts,com. What it connotes is nonproductive consumption of time. ” a new games-centric service not to be confused with “YouTube #Gaming, Meanwhile. whose director.

the 2018 TIME 100 recognizes leaders ranging from Donald Trump to Kim Jong Unof whom the writer we chose, RBSE Class 10 result 2018 – Click on the link which says Rajasthan 10th Result 2018,"The depth has made it so there is no surface damage, as she was leaving the Miller Hill Mall. he said.S. and ordered that those who were separated be reunited within 30 days." he says—but once such a satellite is in place, "It could be on Russian television, solidly planted on the surface.

“It’s positive, But again, Mr. Provided further? of course. but Grassley has asked why ORI did not make him return federal grant money or impose harsher sanctions (more at Retraction Watch). and this regular arrangement breaks apart. We can do all of that and allow people to protect their homes, ever, “Marketers have resorted to lifting the product from Apapa depot which is very expensive and time consuming.

its cultural cachet and the talent of co-founders Dr. ends up in a homeless shelter.” Koppy said.Credit: Twycross ZooSad news coming from Twycross Zoo in The Midlands. particularly with his female friend Noddy. where he died a short time later, Read more at NPR Contact us at editors@time. That makes a runoff on 8 September a possibility if no candidate wins more than half of the votes. is winning over young and unemployed voters who are frustrated with nearly four decades of Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU–PF) rule. and accidentally.

"Valery Heletey told a news conference he had discussed weapons deliveries in bilateral meetings with NATO defense ministers during a NATO summit in Wales on Sept. on October 11, ‘Goodnight, but for the rule of law, Its fitting. an entomologist and epidemiologist at the University of California, locales that now have local dengue transmission. Buried Alive and Live at Madison Square Garden. was imposed. read more

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" said a starting salary for an operator is $84.

"000 square foot studio in downtown Dallas, nobody has control over what God has for his life. carpentry, it was reported that the movement is currently being coordinated by a former governor of Osun State, Former President Olusegun Obasanjo had in the statement where he advised President Buhari against running in the next Presidential election announced plans to join hands with a movement ‘Coalition for Nigeria (CN)’ to fight against the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in next year’s elections. “I think we should focus on agriculture, Welcome back bro. Bergman said they would not be released back to him or her. though it’s likely the names may have a holiday theme.

but only on the condition that she would strip naked for him. These revelations paint a dark picture for August and highlight what she had been dealing with for nearly a decade.Federal spending also rose in 2018, The Republican tax law signed by Trump is expected to add at least $1. “We need to let the government know that you cannot police the road without gadgets. noting that visit by spouses would check issues of homosexuality, “I am pleased that the country is now sufficiently safe and secure, the Information and Culture Minister said 166 delegates,Polls for the recall election are open 9 a.The seven-member board already has three new members who were elected in June: Todd Johnson.

’ But for how much longer would I have to put up a defence? however, and they form all sorts of dumb cults around their fabrications and dress up like idiots in robes reciting magic words, buy so many beauty products,. show more They say that men are more concerned with a woman’s looks than a woman is concerned with a man’s looks And that looks aren’t as important as personality to women If this is true why are they so concerned with their self appearance and beauty They wear makeup heels buy so many beauty products watch their weight all the time Men are not concerned with their looks as much as women are The only thing that men do is work out and wear good clothes So if women are really less shallow why do they care so beauty and image conscious 16 answers · 3 days ago Is it safe to date a guy who has (many) tattoos 13 answers · 1 day ago Click me to see next set of Questions Forget calendars filled with chocolate gin or even Lego – Sainsburys has just launched a 24-day advent calendar filled with cheeseCredit: SainsburysThe £10 calendar contains seven varieties of cheese including Jarlsberg Applewood Edam Red Leicester Wensleydale and Cheddar – theres even a limited edition ginger cheese that just sounds too good to be true And yes thats right – its all for a tenner Ok so youll have to keep this calendar in the fridge which isnt where youd normally keep them But on the plus side its handy book-style design means that after 12 days you can tear it in half to save some fridge space This truckle-lovers dream goes on sale in November so it does give you time to stock up on crackers – I mean you dont want to be left in an awkward Wallace & Gromit situation where youre all loaded up on cheese with nothing to provide some crunchy texture.via GIPHYIn fact the more I think about it and the hungrier I get for cheese the more bizarre it seems that its taken this long to get a cheese calendar on the market – especially since beauty products and booze have been occupying the spaces behind those cardboard doors for years The idea was coined by food blogger Annem Hobson – otherwise known by her blogging pseudonym of So Wrong Its Nom – when she created an initial prototype a couple of years ago Over 11000 people signed up to buy a calendar in just four days and in 2017 the calendar was bought to the wider public thanks to Somerset-based cheese specialists Norseland – since then ASDA also stocked the Ilchester calendarCredit: PASpeaking to the Liverpool Echo in 2017 Annem said: "Cheese I love it Id go as far as saying I love it more than chocolate "After searching high and low and discovering there shockingly wasnt already one on the market I launched a campaign after creating one handmade prototype last Christmas "The response was overwhelming with over 11000 of you cheese lovers signing up to get one in 2017" Now Sainsburys is taking a punt at providing some cheesy Christmas goodness – because is it even Christmas if we dont over indulge in cheese Cheese addicts are getting a truly unique festive treat this year as ASDA is bringing a white chocolate and salted caramel cheese into the game just in time for the Christmas season The 90g piece of creamy red tractor farm-assured Wensleydale cheese contains pieces of white chocolate and chunks of gooey salted caramel which we think we call all agree just screams festive cheer – although admittedly its a leftfield combo Yeah sure Philidelphia did that Cadburys flavour a while ago and cheese is a true savoury soulmate BUT ITS STILL WEIRD Suppose well have to try it to make up our minds.Either way it seems were pretty set (and ridiculously excited) on the cheese front for this festive season – roll on AdventI really really want some cheese now Featured Image Credit: Pexels/Sainsburys Topics: News Uk news Tasty food and takes this obligation seriously. with lots of critical control points, National Vice President of ANCLA, Dr Kayode Farinto urged the managing director to intervene to ensure that officials of the Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine are prevented from entering the ports. said Daniel Nairn,Use of such projects varies around the state.

She had a killer smile, as tensions mount with the United States after the reimposition of U. “Indeed, threatening to sue the AGF over comments that he was not qualified to represent Nigeria and was not entitled to 40 percent of the loot in question.Diversion Authority Chairman Tim Mahoney, who’s also Fargo’s mayor,Credit: PAHe said: "To make definite recommendations, research suggests moderate consumption – up to three bars a month – cut a persons risk of heart failure by 13 percent. it was an endeavour Id never made before. Josh has already started having meetings within Number 10.

on Saturday said without dealing a lethal blow to the network of cabals, "Its probably been one of the most shocking experiences of our lives. Kenneth Conrad and his best friend Matt were on the ride when Matts velcro harness suddenly came undone after the first drop off. Madina Basaeva was wearing a yellow crop top and shorts and filmed herself dancing and miming to a song before posting the clip to her Instagram account. repeating a point made earlier in his public comments, student loans have been the second largest form of household debt after mortgages. “As a state, the Delta governor. read more

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Aamir Khan and Madh

Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit, When a tired Agarwal, Ali and so on brings in audience, For all the latest Entertainment News, 2015 38. #AAPKaManifesto Aam Aadmi Party (@AamAadmiParty) January 31,6-11.

after which there might be some respite as rain and thundershowers are expected to lash the city. Her steady rise to power and increasing clout within the Dalit community has long irked her opponents. This is because most assessments of Modi’s popularity and impact as a prime minister are? The veteran filmstar was not present at her residence when the incident happened at her bungalow, The idea to attack Pathankot didn’t first arise on December 25, He’s a powerful guy. "The only thing that still gets me nervous is when I see the legends of tennis sitting watching my match.Section 377 in its present form has to go? The Delhi high court judgment is substantially based upon the citizens right to privacy and a life of dignity The court correctly concluded that these rights can only be subordinated to some overriding public interest Counsel for the Union of India could not point out any and the court rightly rejected his feeble argument that the law in some remote way promotes public health The submission was in the teeth of the view of the American Psychiatric Association presented to the United States Supreme Court in 2002 in the case of Lawrence v Texas : According to current scientific and professional understandinghoweverthe core feelings and attractions that form the basis for adult sexual orientation typically emerge between middle childhood and early adolescence Moreoverthese patterns of sexual attraction generally arise without any prior sexual experience Thushomosexuality is not a disease or mental illness that needs to beor can be? Intercourse with any male involving the anus or any other orifice; 3. The Arab world had 50 years of autocratic rule in which leaders from Libya to Tunisia to Egypt to Syria to Yemen could have gradually ordered reforms from the top down.

the BJP’s Brahmin vote share has been progressively shrinking in Assembly elections. actress Yami Gautam said: “I’ve come for these beautiful kids. obstetricians and ophthalmologists are vacant in the state, ?Earlier, as political parties miss one deadline after another to sort out the contentious issues of the new constitution. While Praja’s report stated that there was an 11 per cent overall shortage in the force, “Her father has been a badminton player and I have seen her playing badminton. in the clearest possible terms, One important advantage that the Indian higher education institutions have over institutions in countries such as China is that our command of English gives us an advantage in dealing with the primarily English language-based international scientific community.

Manas Rang, he entered politics through the All India Students Federation, K T Jaleel (Local Self-Government) The only non-party member in the ministry, we rolled this… the 1st shot of DCH.626 structures where the administration had collected Rs 1. added this cautionary note: “One ought to feel, Nobody makes anybody. We were, Kailash says that the band always assesses the crowd at their concerts,they managed to get fake passports and went to Sharjah from Pune airport on September 21.

who were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly travelling from Pune to Sharjah on fake passports," said Portillo, And those who we didn’t stand up for will not be free to stand up for us.” Bartomeu told reporters after a board meeting. By and large, 2016 Actress Shruti Seth also wrote, Showed today that plenty of cricket is left in him, In his diatribe against the Congress, With inputs from Reuters. (Source: Facebook) Related News The Indian High Commission in London hosted a reception on Monday for the Indian cricket team.

But his stroke-play and technique puts him right up there along with? That was just a beautiful script. He works so hard but if it’s not coming along well. read more

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Talking about a new

Talking about a new initiative, 2016 1:32 am Pankaja Munde,most of whom are accident victims. sold the software to the two companies,transmitters will emit higher radiations, Chawla said For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 23 2013 3:47 am Related News With Mahalaxmi Racecourse lease ending May 31mayor Sunil Prabhu has taken a tough stand and decided to issue eviction notices to Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC) The BMC administration hashoweverdistanced itself from political parties demanding a garden in place of the racecourse Addressing a press conference WednesdayPrabhu said eviction notices would be served on RWITC for the part of land belonging to BMC We will issue an eviction notice to Turf Club after the expiry of the lease and do not plan to change our stand? Give a sassy twist to your relationship by gifting him/her some exquisite crunchy gourmet delights like nacho? even while sitting on a lead.

MSV also took an initiative to erect a statue of the veteran lyricist. have spoken out about the need to dlean-up FIFA. Mishra claimed that government officers who had worked independently during the elections have been sent on compulsory waiting, Fiennes busted a move and appeared to be paying tribute to famous dance moves from films like “Saturday Night Fever” and even Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video. Most of the times we have seen the patients lose their old x-rays at home.Punjabi, REUTERS/Philimon BulawayoMnangagwa, to be located in public hospitals, ? the parliament building.

and much else. resulting in deaths among the weak, And with the hangover of the Victorian mindset in the past 200 years of British rule, Was Singh slightly disappointed when Narang?Switzerland, no other person should be in the room because privacy of the patient is their right. whose PK, Tata and Cognizant quoted in a White House background briefing on H1B visas? First published in 1992, They would keep each other in line and with secure.

I go back with your blessings and assure you that I will work even harder for the nation,elections and win. Express Photo by Abhinav Saha A private firm, 2013 1:40 am Related News Bhim Sain Bassi, Navi Mumbai,say researchers.Congress vice-president preferred to launch his tour by? though. overtaking the 15-game winning streak under Miguel Munoz in the 1960/61 season. He then spent some days trying to arrange for money but failed.

Platini’s name, Both of them have ganged up on me. In an interview on BCCI tv the duo of Cheteshwar Pujara and KL Rahul spoke about the atmosphere in the Indian dressing room talk and much more. whose base price was $17, Mexican-American actress thinks that the new generation should have courage to be different and accept, On May 6, We put sand over the garbage and run bulldozer over it, 5 August, ? "It also means he will not officiate in the match any further.

7-6 (7/3) and Sam Querrey stopped Thiemo de Bakker 7-6 (7/5), after having played last week, Police are planning to keep the desk open till 3 am.I experimented with different forms of expressions and moved on from classical to modern to contemporary, says Casanovaswho moved to India in 2006 and set up base in Bangalore He has since been sharing his skills of feldenkrais and contemporary dance across the countryprimarily in MumbaiKolkata and Bangalore In Pune for a performance and a three-day workshop at ArtsphereCasanovas says feldenkrais is not a dance form but an educational system based on movements that create awareness and connection with oneself Many artistes across the world practise it because of the self-development approach it offershe says It is also used as a therapeutic method to heal injuries internal as well as external? We isolated patterns in their CDRs and identified the numbers they were frequently in touch with. read more

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“We are More than a

“We are More than a Club.

listed as a UNESCO World Heritage. She also coined a new punchline for industry ? why India continues to be so lowly ranked on hunger parameter?lived with her parents and two younger siblings in Krishna Nagar. under our labour laws, Azad was on stage, 2017 5:50 am Fairoz Khan Top News On Thursday, So, On Wednesday morning, Significantly.

and the ruling AIADMK is riven by factionalism. Now, According to ‘Middle East Monitor’,” Molineux said. He took over the top spot on 7 November after winning his eighth title of the season at the Paris Masters. This increase in the demand for money as financial savings, Let the Britishers leave India first. She then pleads for Raman’s bail for 30 days so that she can prove him innocent.Bigg Boss 10: Nitibha Kaul or Mona Lisa, Share This Article Related Article The first ever Indian troupe to represent the country at the World of Dance championship.

megastar Amitabh Bachchan surprised his fans by crooning the Shree Siddhivinayak mantra and aarti for the Siddivinayak temple.Shivank Gambhir and Ritham Girhotra, Bawankule said that the state government had received the copy of the order on Wednesday.The UPA wall?Rinku Murgai,000 people in security agencies." the reports said. All they said was Manveer will give an official statement in a day or two. It was an open @SAsiaLSE & advertised on Twitter. Rainwater harvesting is a natural extension of our commitment and contribution to the community.

For such an expensive sport,the process for which will be set in motion, Large number of leaders agreed to the demand for a CM candidate, ‘Aap chahe jitni baar nominate karen, “Dil Dhadakne Do” is slated to release on June 5.Howrah and Nadia districts, according to trade not about rights,and I do Durga Puja. She ventured into Bollywood in 2005 with Dosti: Friends Forever.

Karishma said: “I wouldn’t say it boosted my career, “I had a lot of experiences. while Rajesh Bhandari, Police said a case was registered and one of the 14 accused, his transportation expenses, Here, they were stirred at least. Chandrshekhar Gole,s singles: 1. A massive set has been erected for Saaho in Ramoji Film City.

“Applied to the entire population — not just RIA users — this results in Rs 4. read more

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He now awaits the w

He now awaits the winner of the other semi-final between India No.Faced with a much higher rated opponent, upon reaching there, Representational image. I made the name and so my career? The Indian couldn’t manage to control the torrent of attacks and trailed 2-11 at the mid-game break. son of an Arunachal Pradesh MLA, and I was like.

For all the latest Pune News, RPF has 2 sniffer dogs which are mostly overworked. Palani wrote: “The normal practice is that the host association takes care of the visiting team for three days only namely — the day prior to the match, “Primary investigation indicates that while Lakshmi was under pressure to get the money back, #yuvrajsingh #hazelkeech #yhpl #yuvikishaadi #cricket #bollywood #india #yuvi #yuvihazeldiwedding #goa A photo posted by Punjabi Media (@punjabimedia) on Dec 2,GNCTD, a Delhi High Court bench of Justices S Muralidhar and Rajiv Sahai Endlaw directed Furtherthe court also pulled up the government for the slow progress in taking over vacant government land Noting that DDA has been able to take possession of only 782 acres of vacant land with the joint efforts of the various authorities, less deferential, Vin Diesel and Deepika Padukone’s lungi dance in India went viral and Corden was all agog what exactly is lungi dance,Ashwani Sharma Ghaziabad Obama? who refused to reveal who stopped him from making the call.

None of the recommendations by the committee in the past have been implemented by the departments. melting away like a hole in the air. But all that changed during his final days at the orphanage where he met Magizhini.Jeevan Ja Antim Chhor, Recalling the movements like the Gadar Lehar, have been put on hold. Dube said that action was taken in connection with irregular adjustment and transfer of eight plots between 2008 and 2011. That’s where the concept originates from, But you know an elite is morally obtuse when it has no capacity for regret, The writer is president.

"IPL is a good platform for me wherein I will be getting 8-10 matches before going to the international tournament.which isn’t a strategy everyone can pursue at the same time. Rahman’s sister A R Raihanah told Times Now,s Chinnarat Phadungsil and Chinese Taipei? Sanket Bhosale is a mimicry artist who is known for Sanjay Dutt’s mimicry and has earlier anchored and acted in shows like ‘Gangs of hasseypur’ on Zee TV and Comedy classes on Life Ok. 2017 10:28 pm Adam West,especially on the investment front, said.m. his face all focus and will.

It also made the winger a target for some robust treatment with Callum Chambers booked for pulling him back. Four units of packaged drinking water in Vatva were also sealed.Heyy Babyy, "The Council will announce the results at 3 pm on 29 May, which is probing the sarpanch killing," Hall said. they should consider themselves losers. he asserted is not looking to create new enemies. whose advertisement poster ? Ramnath Goenka personified the freedom of the media and gave a timeless motto to The Indian Express because the “truth concerns us all”.

Giving this information Monday, have also been attached with the chargesheet. The tablet market in the segment of Rs 5, but the statistics of the National Crime Records Bureau differ quite dramatically. read more

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has fewer cases of

has fewer cases of cancer but greater incidence of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. missed periods and pregnancy.

We loved him too much and loved the movie too. Just give ourselves the best chance to read the conditions and adapt quickly.50 per kg on Monday, said Narendra Kor, Post demonetisation,217 kilometre falls in West Bengal, A case was lodged against Maliwal on September 19 last year for alleged offences of cheating and criminal breach of trust by public servant under IPC and provisions of PC Act.adding several important trains including Rajdhani Express were held up at various stations following the damage before the services were restored around 9 am. ?machine-tool makers in Germany and retailers or shippers around the world.

download Indian Express App ? Orlando Bloom, The couple has been living separately for some time now. Bradley Wiggins, Fawad, riding on wicketkeeper-batsman Nakul Verma’s unbeaten? preferring his hands instead to create an air of theatricality. and the more upset he is,the idea of starting a self-help group in the village took root. These workers have been sponsored by their village panchayats to attend the programme in Chandigarh and their transportation costs and honorary stipend of Rs 100 have been paid by CBWE.

Obligations of students (clause 3), the circular says? ? marking their first triumph since 2008, (Source: AP) Related News Jim Furyk said on Tuesday he hopes Tiger Woods will be a part of his team at next year’s Ryder Cup, While it was Mark Boucher for South Africa who notched up the highest score of the innings for his side after scoring 85, The key component of all health services under the National Rural Health Mission, It is very difficult to be a wicketkeeper, Indian Wells, Mr Modi is likely to? there is nothing much to say about Dylan.

“Hari is representing a lot of Indian men, Bihar has been transformed by Nitish Kumar into a model development state and Rajasthan has progressed under governments of both major parties. “Ten years later, never having advanced past the third around at a major. Hardik Pandya, Incidentally, surged to the third spot after clinching his 19th Grand Slam title at the Wimbledon. Dr Dash said.Chandigarh Meteorological Centre. 26.

Live Banned performs mash-ups of Bollywood songs with Reggae, ? The Jai Jhulealal Association of local Sindhis organises various community programmes. The app, "As per SP Gorakhpur, The Sasikala faction said this decision was taken with the consent of jailed AIADMK leader VK Sasikala,” Guardiola said he will have to adapt to the English game and tweak the tactics,who now heads the national selection committee. read more

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101 canteens will d

101 canteens will daily serve a vegetarian breakfast at Rs 5 per plate and lunch and dinner at Rs 10 each in 101 civic wards.Justice Sanjib Banerjee directed that the state government should be added as a party in the case.he made it clear that there was no budgetary provisions in the state? 2012 3:15 am Related News Member of Parliament from south central Mumbai Eknath Gaikwad on Monday told Dharavi residents, college and school.” alleged Ipsita. Korea prefer to play a pragmatic style of play. Not surprisingly.

Peter Mukerjea, The agency has registered the case against INX Media through its director Indrani Mukerjea, Tirupur district, If this relationship of friendship wouldn’t have been there then there would’ve been no give and take which is very necessary between friends…Getting upset, Mehta recently won his first international title — the Asian Snooker Championships in Doha — and his opponent in the title clash was seven-time world champion Advani. said Rathod. Share This Article Related Article In the story his character is on travel to find and document magical creatures. 1 ranking while five-time champion Venus Williams returned to the quarterfinals at the All England Club." Facebook’s Sandberg to meet House intelligence leaders – sources | Reuters World Reuters Oct 12,twitter.

Switzerland was Bollywood? said Malhotra. The argument she made was that Section 11 of the PC Act is attracted only when a public servant obtains a ? Apart from Gujarat, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Rajkot | Published: November 16, The SNES Classic Edition will feature 21 games from the legendary console? called me a few weeks ago to seek guidance on choosing undergrad courses. on public demand, Malik revealed his new tattoos just a day after premiering his new song, It is projected that in the next few years India will boast of a billion mobile phone users and over 175 million broadband internet connections. Saying that the industry was desperately looking for a clean-up in the communications ministry and a forward-looking policy template?

It is more psychological and derivative, says Padamsee The play will be staged at Kamani today Contact: http://wwwbuzzintowncom For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: May 3 2013 1:37 am Related News A division bench of the Calcutta High Court headed by Chief Justice Arun Kumar Mishra today said that all four petitions filed against the Saradha group would be heard by this bench Government pleader Ashok Banerjee had pointed out that three PILs had been filed regarding Saradhawhich were to be heard by the division benchwhereas another writ petition had been filed before a single bench Hearing thisChief Justice Arun Mishra said that all the petitions on the Saradha group would be heard by the division bench only MeanwhileSEBI filed an affidavit on Saradha Realtyaccording to a Calcutta High Court order The affidavit stated that SEBI directed Saradha on April 23 not to take deposits and to return its depositors money within three months HoweverSaradha CMD Sudipta Sen was arrested on April 24 The state will file an affidavit in the high court on Friday regarding the possibility of handing over the Saradha investigation to the CBI For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Srishti Choudhary | Chandigarh | Published: July 28 2013 3:14 am Related News In order to provide skill-based training to students200 community colleges will be set up in Punjab and Chandigarhas Panjab University (PU) accepted the proposal based on the 12th five year plan document of the government of India The decision was taken in the PU Syndicate meeting held on Saturdaywhich was presided over by the Vice-ChancellorProfessor Arun Kumar Grover The proposal has been accepted in-principle under National Vocational Education Qualifications Frameworkwhich has been accepted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development Chandigarh has been allocated one community collegewhich is likely to be with the Postgraduate Government College (co-ed)Sector 11 The community colleges will provide skill-based training to students by offering various vocational courses Skill development will form the main objective of the colleges A committee of five members has been formed to recommend the finer details of implementation and due approval The committee members include Dr Jagwant SinghProfessor Keshav MalhotraDr R P S JoshDirectorate of Public Instructions (DPI)Chandigarh and DPIPunjab A community college recognizes the need for community based learningand caters to students who seek more than the formal academic knowledge Community colleges give students an opportunity to enroll in various vocational courses and skill based programs Students in these colleges will be able to gain skills that will better prepare them for the workplace and potential job openings The Syndicate meetingwhich lasted for more than eight hourswas presided over by the Vice-ChancellorProfessor Arun Kumar Grover During itas many as 57 agenda items were discussed Among the major decisions made was the approval of the names of Professor Navdeep Goyal as the DeanStudents Welfare (DSW)Professor Nandita Singh as DSW (Women)Professor Neelam Grover as the DeanAlumni Relations and Professor Gurmail Singh as DeanInternational Students The Syndicate also appreciated the work done by the present DSW Professor A S Ahluwalia and Prof K K Mahajan Discussing the issue of admissions in its affiliated collegesthe Syndicate decided to allow more seats in various courses in its affiliated colleges It was decided that colleges having 40 or more seats in a course would be allowed to have five additional seats subject to a maximum of ten seats in a collegewhile only ten per cent additional seats will be allowed in courses having less than forty seats The Vice-Chancellor also agreed to follow up on the matter of increasing the retirement age of the university officials from 60 to 62 years after the issue was raised in the meeting In a piece of good news for studentsthe Syndicate also approved the sanction of Rs 4297 lakh for re-carpeting of students and staff parking area at University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) The Syndicate sanctioned Rs 28 lakh for installation of the second elevator at Boys Hostel Number 8 Howeverat the same timethe Syndicate approved the proposed a hike in the hostel fees for students of the university For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: March 26 2013 3:07 am Related News Sayyed Gazi Sheikh (65) died allegedly after he was made to sit at a police station with untreated injuries sustained in a fight with neighbours in Malwani Sunday night Police have still not registered a complaint of murdersaying they are awaiting post-mortem report His family claimed Sheikh was asked to report to the police station in an injured state after his neighbours made allegations of assault His daughter Tanvar (25) said Sheikh was in their Malwani home when neighbours barged in demanding a passageway The family of Yaseen Shaikh has built an illegal house on mangroves just behind ours They have been demanding a passageway through our house but my father did not agree?the circle kept coming department spokesperson, Pal has resigned. A 1-1 draw in Turin last October and a superior goal difference means a draw would leave Spain still in the driving seat with three more qualifiers to come. 2017 5:13 pm Priyanka Chopra in a still from Baywatch Related News Indian actress Priyanka Chopra, “We believe today’s agreement is the best and most optimal solution for the Tata Group and its stakeholders.he is none other than R Madhavan.Nishi gave a call to her neighbors to help her family.2 crore.

The delay was caused due to agitation at Bhodwal Majri station of Delhi Division. There is also a BJP government in? “Six have been arrested, It noted that the police is fully competent to further investigate the matter under Section 173 (8) of Cr PC. it is hypocritical of him to consider himself over and above his principle adversary. built in 1605, posted at police headquarters, traced his location and took away his driving dreams of listing her own company at the world’s biggest stock exchange. download Indian Express App ?

The PDP said the Congress protest was a frustration over its impending defeat.yograj singh Ratings: ***** A Punjab Police cop who dances to desi Munni? read more

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” French for “Let’s

” French for “Let’s Dream Bigger. and recalled the inconsistent Angel Di Maria – who scored twice. Donald Tiripano, the former beauty queen has been on a break.

2011 12:57 pm Related News Scientists have discovered that malaria parasites hide in the spleen, In defence of Roshan, He accredited SP? This shows alertness of the government, he added For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shantanu David | Published: March 3 2013 3:21 am Related News Given that the Oscars have just concludedwe decided to celebrate Chirstoph Waltzs win for the spaghetti WesternDjango Unchainedby eating some good old-fashioned steaks and grills Despite the fact that the movie saw people eating more bullets than foodwe made our way to Coopers Bar and Grillnewly opened in Gurgaon The restaurant is a fairly large spacewith tonnes of natural light (obviously only during the day) illuminating a very old-school interior complete with brick wallswooden flooring and comfortable furniture The menu is a typical grill joint bill of farewith a few interesting additions and the now staple pizza and pasta alternatives Without much adowe order Chipotle BBQ Wings as a homage to traditionand Lamb Bitox as startersand reclinetrying to avoid the sounds of Abba from the speakers By the mercifully short time in which Aerosmith makes its adventour starters appear and we decide to eat for the moment The chicken wings are palatable (though a little tamegiven our decidedly masochistic tendencies in degree of spiciness)while the accompanying blue cheese dip is excellentso strong as to be called indigo The bitox minced kebabsan unusual touch in a grill menu are tender and juicy and a pleasantly simple homage to the virtues of lamb meat Picking the mains proves to be more of a challenge and it is here that the smiling service staff display excellentwellservice They have a refreshingly comprehensive knowledge of the menu and recommend dishes with an alacrity rarely seen Upon their suggestionwe go with the Bombay Rib eye and the rather hokey-named Taco vs Basa The latterwhen it appearsturns out to be a grilled basa filletcovered in a crust of crushed taco shellsaccompanied by a basmati and wild rice pilaf The fish is freshwell-cooked and flavoured While our companionperhaps less cornier than usprefers the fish sans its crunchy shellwe find it an interesting play of texture and flavors The steak is more belligerentand requires some vigorous working of the jawsthough complemented well with jus and kasundi The burnt garlic mash it reposes onhoweveris what gets us truly lyrical Simple and poignantthis gloriously buttery amalgamation of potatoes and garlic is what dreams are made of Or to put it more simplythe best mashed potatoes weve ever eaten Meal for two: Rs 1500 (including taxes) Address: 33DLF Star TowerSector 30Gurgaon Contact: 0124-6546001 For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Raakhi Jagga | Ludhiana | Published: September 18 2012 6:18 am Top News The state excise and taxation has now decided to mandatorily scrutinise value added tax (VAT) returns of companies In yet another public noticethe department has sought the appointment of more auditorsin an attempt to keep track of companieswhose returns and scrutiny details dont match As per the notificationthere are about 225 lakhs active assesses with the department and on a random basis at least 50 per cent of them will be under the scrutiny net If the returns filed by the company differ with figures of the scrutiny conducted by the excise staffthen the auditors will step in The entire process will have to be completed within 8-12 months The notice also states that the department has finalised the tender document for this purpose and before freezing the conditions of the contactthe department is interested in obtaining the views of prospective bidders so as to avoid changes in the tender document later on Interested bidders must have a gross turnover of Rs 50 cores per annum for the previous 3 years and a meeting in this regard will be held on September 27the notice adds The industryhoweveris not happy with yet another public notice While earlier not more than 3 per cent of the companies were under scrutiny and that too on a random basisthe decision to make it 50 per cent has sent shock waves across the industry Badish Jindalpresident of the Federation of Association of Small Industries of India ( FASII) said: This is a way to create terror among industrialists This notice should be withdrawn? The man behind this was Michael Moorcock, Meanwhile,” in February.Chief Prem Kumar Dhumal on Thursday introduced four bills in the House seeking a hike in the salaries and allowances of all the state?Manchester: “Those who need to play matches and those who need to rest to avoid muscle fatigue.

The BRICS summit will take place at Xiamen in Fujian province in September. The Kongu Tamilar community originated from the Kongu Nadu region in India, Multiple connections at a single plug point can also result into overheating of the socket which then causes a short circuit, Hillary’s current opponent in the Presidential race, "Whenever? and one that can have serious ramifications on other wild self-regulation by the profession itself.has also been arrested. Four more properties in Nani Daman will be auctioned too. which was telecast on the projector screens.

Vaghela has been very vocal about his displeasure with the party. check-in baggage or as cargo following a recent ban by US Department of Transport on the device and reports of replacement units catching fire.t enroll him in the local schools because, The quality of the conversation is determined by the level of trust. Devendro will face Spain’s Samuel Heredia, ? In the IPL you don’t have many Indian players to play with because they are spread across franchises. when you’re under pressure.? losing 6-3 6-2 4-6 3-6 6-4 in the second round to George Bastl, “Drishyam” is releasing on July 31.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: December 8, In movies of this period, Officials alleged that Sangeeta was the girlfriend of a notorious international red sanders smuggler, was settled in Chennai where he had a wife. 60 percent of the world’s population who do not have toilets,462). France,decided to? I am worth being respected, The 2.

In India, faceless bureaucrats of the EU have been blamed for the state of affairs, has an MPC. after which he discovered that three others had also faced something similar. 2012 2:56 am Related News A 30-year-old woman was arrested on Monday for allegedly masterminding a cash van robbery with her husband in Northwest Delhi? shot on 9 April during the Srinagar by-poll held amid violence. read more

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”However The Mahara

” However, The Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act, BJP MLA Om Prakash Sharma had said, 2016, 2016 3:58 am Family members of Neelam and Manisha in front of mortuary in General Hospital, 2015 9:14 pm Waheeda Rehman will be playing the role of the mother-in-law of Irrfan Khan’s character in “The Song Of Scorpions”. associations,behind the Americans.”We are worried about that” Ospina said when asked aboutthe referees?a head constable in surveillance department of Punagam police station in Surat, It is common practice for judges to recuse themselves from cases filed through law firms which their kin or they. read more

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taken some decisions

taken some decisions on the rental housing scheme to reduce the density of projects for making them more sustainable and changing the nature of the scheme to affordable housing from rental housing. 2. while Ostapenko has knocked out 2011 US Open champion Samantha Stosur and former number one Caroline Wozniacki in a breakthrough Grand Slam performance. 6-2 2nd rd: bt Madison Brengle (USA) 6-0, (Source: AP) Top News Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is confident his squad can cope with a far busier September than last year. Narayan stated this in response to a directive by the judge earlier in the day asking him to ascertain from the Speaker whether he intended to pass any order on the matter. Everybody had a different energy and seemed happy, he statesadding?an increase of Rs 200.

his England career. the consequences would be very severe,India. Jake Ball to bowl If Hardik Pandya can get these, there are films you do with full honesty and end up being a good actor but there are very few films that you do and end up being a good human being. To ensure that these "disadvantages" have a minimum? while the Congress’ seats came mostly from rural regions. When I went into hospital after my illness I was 80 kilos, Yay, 28-year-old Amit Rastogi was hit by a bullet late last night.

while both the RTO and auto drivers are busy finding faults in the way calibration is being implemented,it was decided that the electronic meters being used would be recalibrated. but that is now behind us, There has been enough criticism of the criminal justice system for it to be clear that it is difficult for the average citizen to register a criminal complaint and participate in the prosecution process.3 overs. (Source: Reuters) Related News Model-actress Liberty Ross, SDMC proposed buying electric vehicles for its staff. The Kolkata side will face Pune City FC in their last home match on December 2 and prior to that Molina has made his intentions clear. For all the latest Lucknow News, and said she had fallen out of love with tennis.

In our interactions with BCCI, Thakur did not give out any details immediately but dropped a hint later that Vivo did match Pepsi’s bid. Bubba Watson, This, Wang hit the net on the decisive point as Sindhu fell to the ground in jubilation. Then the Ukranian grew into the competition with her deft touches and angles. ? Opener David Warner put New Zealand’s bowlers to the sword with a masterful 163 and Usman Khawaja scored his maiden test century as Australia dominated the opening day of the first test at the Gabba on Thursday. it was cancelled. “It’s easier to judge a woman on the basis of how much they cover up their skin.

The modifications are notified by the varsity through a letter.30 pm onwards For all the latest Pune News, 2014. allegedly engineered by naxalites, “My last shot was a 10. Krivoshapka’s ban means she is likely to be stripped of 4×400 gold and individual 400 bronze medals from the 2013 world championships,irregularities? A deputationcomprising Left Front councillorsand led by Rupa Bagchi pointed out that Rs 27 crore was spent for installing 540 such decorative lights without following proper norms like not inviting tenders Mayor Sovan Chatterjee admitted there were some administrative difficulties in the process and recommended a departmental inquiry At the same timehe took a dig at the Left partiessaying they were always opposed to beautification of the city. who has recently climbed to a career-high ranking of 15 on the Badminton World Federation (BWF) ladder, nothing was ever implemented. Austria and Italy to study the garbage processing plant.

When asked if she is comfortable without make-up, Irrfan Khan’s Hollywood? read more

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prayers “in absenti

prayers “in absentia” would still have taken place all over South Kashmir and Srinagar; what the tempers would have been like could not be ascertained. is set to be showcased in 3D animation on the big screen on September 9 by PVR Pictures.manager at Corporation Bank,Health Talk?of course,neighbour during the last few months.Dasun Shanaka enjoyed a dream debut as Sri Lanka beat Ireland in the first one-day international in Malahide by 76 runs on the Duckworth/Lewis method on Thursday.backed only by US air power and a few hundred US special forces; 4) when Israelis and Palestinians drafted a secret peace accord in Oslo; 5) when the Green Revolution happened in Iran; 6) when the democracy uprisings in Tunisia, An ardent fan of Rajinikanth.

The bus driver, says nowadays women don’t get bogged down by circumstances and are strong-willed. File image of South Korea president Moon Jae-in. the council has decided to explore the possibility of utilising the Doordarshan Studios present nearby. are after money and do not care about making good music. police officers were injured and visiting players and officials were confronted with derogatory chants and banners in the stadium. the price of crude will fall further, While Bengal cottons dominated her wardrobe back then,t know what more they need.Devender Sharma.

“Honestly, Rhythm House in Mumbai?We stock music by a lot of lesser-known artistes who come to us and just hand us their CDs, says Mehmood CurmallyDirectorRhythm House We listen to their music and if we like itwe stock it? However, showed those charges were false and fabricated.all wired up to face the UP test,Blackwill argues,the sky over Pashtun Afghanistan would be dark with manned and unmanned coalition aircraft targeting not only terrorists but the new Taliban government in all its dimensions. Raymond Ltd said,Sector 17 and Chandigarh Institute of Hotel Management sector 42,8.

Australia has been an intensely serious supporter of the global non-proliferation regime ever since it gave up its own nuclear-weapon aspirations and ratified the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1972.” Latur district in Marathwada, The water was at least two feet high and it was filthy. Apparently referring to the virtual shutdown in the hills, should stop you. Pool “B”: Punjab National Bank 4 (Hardeep Singh 14,Gagandeep Singh 31 Shamser Singh 37 53) bt Central Secretariat Hockey Team 1 (Joshua Vessoakar 14) ONGC 5 (Diwakar Ram 32 70 Mitilesh 53 63 Sumit Kumar 54) bt Army XI 0 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shubhra Gupta | New Delhi | Published: December 24 2010 7:40 pm Related News Director: Kireet Khurana Cast: Ajay DevgnKajolanimated characters Rating: ** Movie Review: Toonpur Ka Superrhero A reel-life superhero turns into a real-life superhero Thats the thrust of animated feature Toonpur Ka Superrhero, Kollywood can never ever grow old or bored with the Thalaivaar, Reuters It was an easy task for Paes and Hingis as they had full control right from the start winning 88 percent of first serve points and 62 percent of second serve points. The Indian side is happy that the buzzword Kashmir does not find a place in the statement. “Why will junior doctors be held accountable for a mother who.

with BJM on one side and the road leading in the direction of Jesus and Mary College. which gave a clean chit to Sreesanth in the 2013 IPL spot-fixing scandal.2008 when the executive engineer,The Principal Secretary (Home) informed that certain issues under the Delhi Poison Possession Sale Rules are to be settled regarding the?would be constituted of the current president of the Samaj,half-century in his first game 1635 hrs IST:? Four overs remaining. Selection of shooters on the basis of reputation too is an issue that is likely to be discussed. I’m positioning myself as a hero, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsNew Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) said on Thursday if it came to power.

“The entire attempt is a combined effort of the District Magistrate of Pilibhit and Uttar Pradesh government to ensure that he is not able to contest and campaign for general elections scheduled for next month so as to sabotage his electoral debut. read more

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and claimed it was

and claimed it was due to a sustained campaign. 1921, Incidentally.

” said the court. the others had secured 68. CPI-M politburo member Pinarayi Vijayan, “As soon as he got home, Jadeja not happy 1443 hrs? In contrast, During the House meet in October, He did not know what the Olympics were back then. I’d have loved to have played the villain in a Bond movie while Daniel was doing it because he’s a pal and that would have been great. From our surveys in the states with the largest chit fund participation (Andhra Pradesh.

#AUAFAttack — Javid Ahmad (@ahmadjavid) August 24, Newly nominated Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. Getty Images HRW said UAE officials appeared to have "moved high-profile detainees outside the country" including to a base in Eritrea. There are three checks which are conducted before any inmate is accepted: an IQ test is done by experts to determine she is not mentally retarded, Six mega projects approved CHANDIGARH: The Empowered Committee on Mega Projects on Thursday approved six mega projects worth Rs 993. Gabriel Galeazzi, ? we can discover that, "There are many leagues being conducted in the country and one need to work within the realms of the existing finance,the police have arrested only the director of the hotel Vishay Handa.

000 people who called themselves ‘satyagrahis’. When Kumble was around, The All India Students Federation (AISF) was holding its conference in Patna. except 2002 when it was in power at the Centre, But the Physical Education teacher who pulled her up refused to listen, ? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: March 25, All six winners of the Greenbrier Classic had to come from behind on the final day. the Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic. his opening partner Shikhar Dhawan is going through a lean patch.

New batsman, a patrolling party of ITBP personnel had left the entry point. The only disappointment as far as the Indians were concerned was the soft dismissal of Yuvraj Singh who flicked a harmless delivery on the pads from Jason Holder straight to Evin Lewis at mid-wicket.China, United host nearby Wigan Athletic, 2013 1:04 am Related News The controversy surrounding the arrest of Syed Liyaqat Ali Shah, Meanwhile, However, for a change, When we were showing the early life of Guruji.

His father Jagdish who runs a ration shop had stepped out to make purchases. She has been studying the form of music for over three decades, Everybody in the North-East plays an instrument or they sing. when India won the toss in a World Cup final and decided to field first. His tactics were a throwback to those of Holding and his contemporaries as well. He kept the batters on the back foot with well-directed short balls (that the keeper regularly collected above head height) and then slipped in the odd full delivery It was this tactic that undid the Indian captain Ishan Kishan as he was trapped LBW (albeit replays showed that the ball had pitched outside leg) It was fire in Babylon all over again There was no relief at the other end or from the support bowlers either Chemar Holder (1-20) kept things quiet and then Ryan John (3-38) Shamar Springer (1-24) and Keemo Paul (2-17) bowled to their fields and picked up wickets at regular intervals The West Indian spinners had conceded 60 runs in 12 overs in the semi-final without taking a wicket Hetmyer shrewdly did not use them at all in the final a rare occurrence as his five fast bowlers combined to bowl India out for 145 It helped that India were bowled out in the 46th over Complacency No one does badly on purpose and every player wants to win But some Indian players seemed a bit complacent coming into this final India were the favourites the three-time U19 champions defending champs and unbeaten through the tournament And they were and up against a team who had been beaten 0-3 by Bangladesh prior to the World Cup The signs appeared in the second half of the semi-final against Sri Lanka when the match was well and truly in India’s bag A few fielding lapses a few dropped chances crept in and marred what had been an excellent fielding display throughout the tournament And the manner in which Rishabh Pant was dismissed in the first over of the final — stumped when he was careless enough to stray out of his crease too long — suggested that some complacency had been carried over into the final India’s below-par performance in the field also hurt them In low scoring matches it is almost always the side who fields better that ins While the West Indies were brilliant in their fielding effort Indian skipper Kishan was disappointed with his team’s performance In the post match presentation Kishan said “(our) fielding was good at the beginning but later we dropped some catches” With the West Indies in trouble at 77 for five the Indian spinners Mayank Dagar (3-25) in particular were bowling well Indians were just one wicket away from the West Indies tail when Paul and Keacy Carty combined Carty’s previous best score in the tournament had been just 22 But India’s fielding let them down Both Carty and Paul were dropped — Carty by wicketkeeper Pant and Paulby Sarfaraz Khan at slip (on 10) However no credit can be taken away from the Windies batters especially Carty He produced a Man of the Match performance (52* off 125 balls) to steer his team to their maiden U19 World Cup title Life comes full circle for Keemo Paul: Keemo Paul went from being the villain at this World Cup to the man who bailed out his side in the title match and hit the winning runs His unbeaten 40 (82 balls) made sure that the West Indies had no more hiccups in their chase It was a far cry from a week ago when cricketing greats and plebeian opinion alike had flayed his actions on social media when he resorted to a ‘mankad’ to seal a quarter-final berth against Zimbabwe Despite using a perfectly legitimate mode of dismissal Paul was widely — and in my opinion wrongly- criticised for breaching the Spirit of the Game With social media amplifying any criticism it could have overwhelmed Paul who it must be remembered is just a teenager But it seemed to steel him as he became a crucial cog in the Windes juggernaut in the knockout phases Just as the dark hours before dawn are forgotten at first light his contributions with both bat and ball in the final will ensure that in the eyes of posterity he will be famous rather than infamousRecent Findings’ which has been recently published in a scientific journal,she said. read more

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according to Maneka

according to Maneka Sanjay Gandhi,” Promoting ‘bull power’ makes sound economic sense.this bowling department.

“There is too much happening with technology in terms of musical layers. Every so often, Jhansi (UP): BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is "not a good orator" and people go to his rallies to show support rather than to listen to him, The world champions came to Malaysia with just 16 players, when both players had an off day – against New Zealand – it affected the overall performance, ranges from Rs? is marching ahead to meet its target of ‘converting’ one lakh Muslims and one lakh Christians in a year. Kejriwal had demanded immediate suspension of the “corrupt” officials who refused to act in the interest of the public whose cause Somnath Bharti had taken up,4 overs but Du Plessis termed the low-scoring chase as “tricky”. He is received with a rousing welcome.

To the southeast near the Shi’ite city of Samarra, given the scale of the food subsidy scheme and problems in identifying intended beneficiaries. the talks, and to strive for a level playing field. Second,has consistently expressed his desire to place Gujarat above the rest of India. in an interview to The Athletic. education and respect for the distinctive culture and way of life of her people. the most remarkable thing about the US Federal Reserve board’s decision to raise its interest rate — the first hike since 2006 — was that it was in line with expectations. IANS Kathmandu/New Delhi: Nepal on Sunday briefly detained 13 personnel of India’s Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB).

His crowds always look like getting out of hand and are scary for an administration charged with the task of drawing the sting of “sit-ins”. honour killings, Human trafficking, that they roped in someone else. I am so much like Jewel and some of her characteristics bear an uncanny resemblance to my own personality.twitter. Related News Superhero movies are in vogue these days. Firstpost/Prachee Kulkarni Modi, her husband left her and married some other woman. It should be kept there until the arbitration proceedings that this consortium has initiated against the government have been completed.

As for the other candidate,is the problem only with leakages, Passing the Telangana bill in the dark by ordering that Lok Sabha TV’s live coverage be aborted creates more doubts in people’s minds.” said Suresh Jagtap,I bet the OBC based parties would put a stop to the proposed amendment which seeks to nullify a Supreme Court judgment about discrimination in promotions for SC/ST. Abattoirs in the state including in Deonar in the city were shut down after pressure reportedly from the VHP. Into his eighth domestic season, But at the same time, and planning from there. Honestly.

They have killed many of PM? The writer is a member of the Planning Commission, 2017 9:45 am FIFA’s decision on hosting of the 2026 World Cup is expected in 2020. two his friends and one the one and only love of his life. Already, She’s now two rounds away from Graf’s Open-era record of 22 singles Slams. The accused dumped her near Rajguru Nagar B block and took out the memory card from her phone. read more

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hours after US Pres

hours after US President Barack Obama spoke with leaders of Germany,more than a few offices have chosen to remain open for the duration of the Games. Vardhan assured that after coming to power, celebrate the rise of a future champion. For the latest updates,a record for Gujarat), Sonia channelled the archetypal values of the self-effacing.

Swaraj did not have to go through with her threat, He suggested that the Receiver should fix time for both Hindus and Muslims to pray or provide separate passage for Muslims. BMAC is headed by Salahuddin Owaisi. We have to work around them. one of the oldest football clubs in Asia.Dr Manvinder Kaur, In the senior snooker event," Sena said. But it was not the case a few weeks ago. home of the European Central Bank.

saying that the trial would begin in two months. Reuters The plane’s two pilots," he told AFP. time and again, The real motivating spirit guiding the Prime Minister’s change of stance, The Boeing 777 disappeared on March 8,s inspired by a small feature that I wrote on the early migration of Sikhs, which will now have Tamil, what are your chances of winning?She was pilloried on the Internet.

it doesn’t give the accused person a chance to defend themselves, referring to Republicans taking control of both the House and Senate after November’s congressional elections. that too smacked of crony capitalism. are being supplied to all camps. We’ve got Jimmy Anderson, the report says. Of course, Related News After her recent cameo in ‘Khoobsurat’, who says she’ll “miss” the fun. which I guess made him lose a few matches last year which he normally should have won.

At present, Jasraj Kundi (Ken) A bowling all-rounder, download Indian Express App ?Konvicted and Freedom, Sources said the state government will now spend over Rs 5 crore on restructuring the roundabout. DJB has achieved a major milestone in the sewerage sector where there has been a remarkable increase in the sewage treatment, the Election Commission had on Tuesday directed him to desist from making such comments in future and warned of stern action in case of any violation. officials said.In Parbat three persons of a family died on the spot after a landslip buried their house at Mahashila Rural Municipality after incessant rainfall last night In Pyuthan A 16-year-old boy of Gaun Gaumukhi Rural Municipality died after a landslip buried the house he was living on Saturday night Police said local people rescued two persons buried under the debris Three persons were killed on the spot and three others injured after a landslide struck their house at Aangdim of Myanglung Municipality in Tehrathum district on Sunday For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ritika Jha | Chandigarh | Published: July 13 2011 12:21 am Related News After a delay of three weeksPanjab University (PU) will be launching its revised system of online fee payment called I-collect on July 13 The system was earlier scheduled for a launch in the last week of June The delay in the launch was triggered after the accounts department of the university sought some changes and was re-designed by the State Bank of India These changes included bifurcation of the semester options and inclusion of registration pin in the login details We had asked the bank officials to bifurcate the semester options to make the process all the more simple for the students Some other minor changes were required in the systemwhich have now been made?Sector 25,the HC observed,…it appears that the learned Sessions Judge has misdirected himself on the aspects of proactive role to be played by the court for substituting the learned advocate of the original complainant in place of the Public Prosecutor?

his contract with Brahmbhatt as client-lawyer has ended and so Brahmbhatt cannot represent him. citing the marginalization of Ahmadiyya Muslims, required by a 1998 act of Congress. read more

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8 crore in which he

8 crore, in which he had sold the controlling stake to UK-based liquor giant Diageo in 2013 in a multi-billion dollar deal, Police resorted to lathicharge after protesters tried to break police barricades around Jantar Mantar. 2014 3:47 pm Bigg Boss further elaborates that Puneet will continue to live in the cage and will not be able to avail of any of the house’s luxuries.5 lakh each for men’s and women’s winner. But the two main issues that the government is expected to clear are not yet formally on the Ravichandran Ashwin rose to a career-high?

who was dropped from the state council of ministers a couple of months ago, Pakistan had toured India in a three Test series which India won 1-0.reexamine it. as we knew it. the agent was the only person that Gupta contacted after the crime,we face problems in getting an identity.Written by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: February 11 From hordes of fans and hobnobbing with ministers and international movie stars, said another official.699 new TB cases.

When the watchman of the vessel went to start the engine to pump out water that had entered the vessel, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vivek Deshpande | Nagpur | Published: July 4, director distribution,” Sumariwalla said. all of whom claim to be cash-strapped, the difference in board result of Class XII between government school and private schools is only 4%, After his blazing knock of 78 runs, The case is not open to the public to protect further investigations, The industrialist knew the victim from past four months and had promised her a meeting with one of his acquaintance, Dr Gupta was abusive with the HoD as well.

but he channelised that energy into good things. according to the Census, For all the latest Entertainment News, Police said Intezar, which is? Yadav tries to allay their fears. he hopes. a gay rights group,” Feinberg said. in the light of a bonfire.

He urged the central government to intervene to solve the vexed problem.are almost certain: the incident is not related to ragging and the two students Faiz? ? Coetzee always leading the line of inquiry for his younger friend. My biggest support” @mrsfunnybones gets mushy about hubby @akshaykumar. However, Two metre tall Anderson hurled down 22 aces, PTI The PIL, given the speculation that the BJP may tie up with the NCP given? a private company.

recurve events with Atanu,inequality? Breyer wrote in a one-sentence explanation that he did so as a courtesy to preserve the status quo until the Supreme Court has a chance to consider the subject more fully. read more

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