Analysis of new PR4 12 days of reason

also found that 1 of two level domain name, specializing in selling space of a class, the basic flow and not included, so not what impact on the overall situation.

for nearly a week, today a colleague told me that there is a expert website for 12 days to do PR on the 4, I was very curious, who is so arrogant, 12 days in such a short time, how is it possible? Many webmaster at this time, estimation also worry about love Shanghai why haven’t included the first page.. (the URL of the website is not made, this kind of thing we do lose win less, we love Shanghai search under 12 days of PR4 or read more

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5 note Du Shenghua linkbait determines the success or failure of production

link bait to try, do not have such a word.

In the development of

in recent years in Shanghai Longfeng concept gradually by people with more knowledge, external links means is becoming more and more difficult. This link bait is the development of the times and the emergence of faster and better with more natural and effective link technique. It means creating useful content to attract the public eye, so you can attract more webmasters and bloggers that make them feel worthwhile to give you a link, so you will succeed. Note that in the production process requires 5 aspects: read more

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A mental map of website optimization to teach you the most cattle


4, through the analysis of user needs, the degree of competition in the industry comparison, determine the key words to do, and then do your site layout, the title should be how to write, how to distribution page navigation, but also how to put these pictures into a layout, Zhang Caotu, to do this analysis is reasonable.

2, which leave keyword analysis is the most traffic conversion (such as marking machine, marking machine in pneumatic marking machine, laser marking machine is the traffic into a keyword, but the laser marking machine, pneumatic marking machine may be 3 to 5 times this) it is a step in my analysis of how the users to search keywords. read more

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Analysis how Shanghai dragon Er dream

2013, Shanghai dragon industry began a large outbreak, many people also go into a lot of people. Because the girl at that time go halfway, if feel if in this way, in the future, in the dream? Once again confused, choose another girl, in a different way. In July 2013, my resignation, go Shanghai dragon occupation, many things in Shanghai dragon world, the chain is not to promote the ranking factors, the content of plagiarism also evolved. These are my return after 2014 to know things.

! [ !

2011, Shanghai dragon is a hot one occupation, NH is to enter the Shanghai dragon industry at this time, remember that girl for three months the main keywords do the home page, the girl remember very clearly, every day outside the chain, the three month ranking have begun to rise. Oh! That girl when still don’t know leave the link that the chain, in charge of the day and told me, think of that time how simple ideas. Now you get outside the chain is outside the chain, really do not know can not drive ranking. If the time with the same girl entering the industry can leave a message or add my QQ, we communicate with read more

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On 2014 Shanghai love what to pay attention to and adjust algorithm

home page on the right to directly call the business license

love from the beginning of Shanghai’s official website, apply to the security alliance, to love the official website of the Shanghai platform for certification (but before applying for, now mostly failed) love Shanghai "official website" can move, and switch to the official website of application platform, guess this is love the sea to prepare fully open applications, give more show the fully qualified website or business opportunities. read more

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How to do network promotion work site

practice, only to see the final website promotion effect, also is to see your audience to know the website promotion methods currently used properly. The ideal effect is of course happy, if the promotion effect is not satisfactory if it is to find out the key problems and on this basis to make adjustments to the current site promotion methods.

3. select some website promotion way

2. second to clear website promotion methods.

before, to send messages to the forum, blog links to stay, such as supply and demand information classification. This way did not say what for what is wrong, the key is to find a suitable way. Some people is to publish industry website, can have very good effect. For example, the valve industry site Dong’ou valve network in which many enterprises only publish information on supply and demand, through their own East Ou pump valve network optimization technology, the buyer flows smoothly into the enterprise products in shops, the first step effect of network marketing has been basically achieved. read more

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Three new board ushered in break net tide! Every 10 market making enterprises have 1 broken net attR

according to understand the data of the new three board research center, as of February 24, 2017, the new three board broke net stocks reached 150, accounting for 9.17% of 1636 market making enterprises.

, someone on sent me such a message today,

data source: Choice, read three new board research center

you may not have noticed that the new three board market has quietly ushered in a wave of "break net" tide".

this means that in just six months, the company has increased by 1 times, adding 11 new homes each month, adding nearly 2 a week. read more

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2015 would you still repeat the previous Shanghai dragon road

content is king forever

search engine, small animal year, Shanghai Longfeng level we should also change as time goes on it, is this really the case? Search engine this year experienced a lot, although not too big to launch what algorithm, but the 360 later gradually to enhance their own market share, to 2015 has been basically more than 30% market share. In 2014 we love Shanghai, 360, Sogou optimization then you are done? 2015 our Shanghai dragon should be how? With the development of search engine, Shanghai Dragon technology is also undergoing great changes, and every change is a kind of subversion for Shanghai before every Dragon style time change will let many Shanghai dragon Er at a loss what to do. The past will be gone, the future is what you think? Today, Yang Ying from the future of Shanghai Longfeng optimization analysis of thinking for you, Li Ming, 2015 Shanghai dragon road. read more

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I was how the words Nantong Shanghai dragon fast do second page

has such a sentence in Shanghai Longfeng circle: layout determines the layout around the user experience! Keywords "Nantong Shanghai dragon", can reasonable promotion Keywords "Nantong Shanghai dragon" density, and can effectively solve the Nantong Shanghai dragon search experience, the website will give higher weights home Nantong Shanghai dragon.

second, friends of the chain link’s choice of words is also very knowledgeable, according to certain proportion to the exchange, take "Nantong Shanghai dragon" the words, I will go to the exchange of friendship with the Nantong part of Shanghai Longfeng, others will use the Nantong Shanghai, Nantong Shanghai dragon dragon optimization blog, Nantong consultant, Shanghai dragon Nantong Shanghai Longfeng company such as the long tail of high frequency words, so more love to win the trust of Shanghai, and these words for Nantong Shanghai dragon has weighted effect. read more

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Analysis of the use of high weight of third party blog Shanghai Longfeng strategy

with the current search engine industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, many third party platform are the site operations personnel are familiar with and understand all of the most commonly used there is love in Shanghai know, Search ask, forum marketing, marketing, classified information platform and so on, these are all commonly used several platforms, of course, these the platform will have different features, very good use of these platforms it will undoubtedly be a good role to our website, an article on the < a week; > the author mainly discusses some strategies about marketing, today I share with everyone how to use the high weight of the blog do site promotion and optimization of Shanghai dragon. read more

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Mystery noble baby penguin update let you no longer talk about goose pale


, an American network marketing company boss says "we have 90% business outsourcing to India, before we think they can fix the noble baby, but it seems that this idea is wrong."


1.Keyword Stuffing: keyword, it is an old black cat strategy, now do English foreign trade website Shanghai dragon basically will not make a fundamental error.

did not go to the panda, penguin and

all the grass root ask, Penguin update so much in the end is to fight? Why do the noble baby update? Then we enumerate: read more

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Lu Guofu the reason of the decline in ranking websites and matters needing attention

the third point I think is my blog ranking drop the biggest factor, we all know that Links effect is good, about this I have to write about. Pay attention to my blog friends.

first we talked about, I had a large part of the chain is obtained through the soft submission, now is February time not to write soft article submission, plus I was busy now something private. The chain a lot less than the original estimate (now ranking is obtained, and the original chain or a great relationship), we have always stressed that the chain growth rate must be steady increase, as a webmaster execution is key, I always tell my friends that execution, execution, and execution, but found his execution is not enough! The good reflection. Method to get the chain can refer to this article: Ten let you get read more

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Noble baby + corporate brand page into the Google SERP is involved in monopoly

the world top 100 enterprises. According to BrightEdge statistics, in a month, the number of these enterprises has become the circle of more than 50%.

Google will continue to offer the lure of nobility baby + these brands, including the noble baby + enterprise brand pages into the search results page. Some experts speculated that this special action will exacerbate the Google antitrust dilemma. BrightEdge Brad, vice president of marketing at Mattick said: "the noble baby between fuzzy + and Google search results as the dividing line in 1990s Microsoft IE browser bundled in the Windows operating system, are involved in anti monopoly." read more

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Are you really freeGet rich venture investment skills

of course, today is not for everyone but the analysis of the current network situation, analysis, intention and feel our network business! Remember to listen to people say that the network business Jiang Xiao first, when it was in high school, said almost! What can I say? Is all good things but a total!, the core is: "free"! You always hear these sounds, you see that he is doing the network, there are many style, as long as there is a network, whenever and wherever possible, he will be able to work, what time to sleep to sleep easily, what time! Money! Also to play now! The voice continued of course, Jiang Xiao hate is the hype means rack! Typical is to pull off! You want to make money by recharge? You might as well go begging to the real and familiar " What "have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, is to pull off the assembly line in fact is wireless, only certain institutions to remind him to do p if people make up, we are not a good clean up, you can only do, is was not so arrogant! Of course, this is Jiang Xiao’s personal thoughts, we look at the read more

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Follow the night market beggar to learn how to make moneySo doing shlf1314 Advertising, making $100

      how to configure English web pages:
      first, select the highest price keywords as the theme of the article. Do shlf1314 Advertising, not for high volume, but the unit price. What keywords, unit price is high, this casually move brain, think of. For example: the treatment of incurable diseases is very expensive, there is no doubt that the key words for such diseases will not be low. The demonstration chart uses the term cancer cancer as the keyword.
      two; the background of the shlf1314 advertisement is the background of the web content. There’s nothing else, mainly to integrate shlf1314 ads into the web.
      three; according to the height of each shlf1314 ad unit, determine the height of the corresponding induction picture and content. This step is mainly to make visitors mistakenly believe that the shlf1314 advertisement is part of the corresponding induction picture and content.
      four; select comparison lure read more

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LinkedIn CEO the most valuable lesson learned by the presidentDiversified forms of money, music Amoy

2. draw up a timetable. Once you find out that an important employee has not been able to meet the requirements, as CEO, you have to think about what to do. If you can’t immediately fire, you should at least make a schedule to determine how long it will take the employee to improve his performance. But how much time does it take, and Weiner thinks it’s hard to generalize, and whether it’s a month, a half year, or a year, the key question is to help him improve his performance and solve the problem. Also, ask the employee to know the schedule you have made and clearly state the performance indicators that need to be met. Of course, adequate tools and training will also be provided. read more

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How to do the Mr.Hua English website earning $2000Pass SkyDrive services Dropbox ready IPO valuation


, however, as Alphabet’s shlf1314, Microsoft and Amazon began offering free storage services, the business began to commercialize.

dare not invest, even if investment, the direction is wrong,

relies on the high traffic of the website to drive the advertisement alliance Adsense of shlf1314

‘s popular messaging app Snap, was forced to lower its IPO valuation expectations earlier this year, as investors worried about its unproven business model.

what alliances do you want to join? What products do you want to do and you can’t do anything well, read more

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MYIEE nutrition and credit card survey ads offlineHow to make the limited IP earn the most money

, please contact our sales staff at any time.

advertising, try not to affect the user experience, advertising everywhere, not necessarily high rate of click. In the case of users can accept, put a few ads should be Adsense also eat, ah, not only to live, but also to support the family…… but the same amount of advertising, typography as good as possible, the user looks comfortable, maybe in the future will be more of your station.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information. read more

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The man made a successful move but almost failed to graduateMaking money is the last word

!The promotion of

webmaster friends Hello! I was this days, to discuss how to use the network combined with traditional industry profit! A website profit, to a certain extent do sales or product profitability, such as sh419, such as Alibaba, is to help companies sell products, to talk about my previous practice, just graduated in a traditional mechanical industry executives under the guidance, make a product stand, to sell bean curd machine, has now become his partner, now to share my experience! Network to make money only need to do three things: good products, good website, promotion of good read more

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What do you lack to be a Taobao customerTalking about what kind of mentality should be based on sear

I have a ring at the

guest years, has been unsuccessful. I do a lot of Amoy friends succeed, hundreds of days into the lot, although I do not have so much. Now, I will re organize the practice of guest, also be my experience and share the examples for reference only, please point out insufficient place, common progress.

second point source selection, now there are four kinds of form of source code. The first is the TOP form, which is simple and practical, included good, such as dark Empire source code is simple TOP, additional point function, has the advantages of no database, included better, convenient shopping guide, the disadvantage is used too much, to allow customers to produce visual fatigue, recommend second kinds of cashback template; for example, a lot of version, cashback cashback Version www.taorul is the Taobao business to give you a commission at the same time, you will be a certain percentage of commission return to your website registered customers to purchase goods. The advantages of attractive to customers also included good, pseudo static. The disadvantage is that Taobao business cheating is serious, if the order appears, will damage the credibility of the website; third for navigation mode www.hao123, as a web site that station, and then modify the URL for the business name and address of the promotion, there are two ways to make money, is a customer to buy goods is two Commission. After you do a good business for you to hang Taobao URL, the most simple such as lemon Green Tea, you need to hang the first recommended position, that position is 30 months, others simply do not care about 30 yuan, but if you do it right, the web site will become your Taobao business customer. A website double money this way. Advantages: earn double disadvantages: lack of money, to attract the attention of the merchandising; the fourth is to guide the graphic combination way, this will have to say perfect love guest author, his website is love purchase customers, the monthly income of million websites. He four sites, doing very well, be like and money read more

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