The electricity supplier giant collective content reached the little red book are the day had better

text / Tencent technology Sun Hongchao

and live electricity providers, social electricity providers, custom electricity providers and other new models compared to the traditional retail Challenger Ali and Jingdong seems to be becoming a traditional defender.

new model behind the popularity of the flow of electricity supplier platform to achieve the degree of competition was white hot, emerging marketing model has been light and fast small electricity supplier mining.

data show that in 2017 China’s e-commerce market size will exceed the sum of the United States, Europe and Japan e-commerce market. How can in this huge market share, in addition to the "traditional" channel laying, price advertising, shelf competition, increase traffic and create content as the core values of the main source of identity is also more and more attention by the content providers. read more

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Red child dispute is now said to have been approved by the acquisition of Suning

NetEase Francisco March 1st message, the founder of the red child came today sued the company equity issues about red children’s acquisition of Fang Suning to the NetEase technology responded that the company acquisition in strict accordance with the regulations, the approval and the relevant departments have been, to mention the lawsuit, the company will be concerned about.

Red Kids company was founded in 2012 and was acquired by red kids in 2004. The red child co-founder Wang Shuang has the other founder to court, said on their own without the knowledge of equity transfer, this message directly to Suning redBaby acquisition increases the uncertainty of. read more

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The development of e-commerce needs to keep abreast of the brand and reputation

in the past few years due to the rapid development of e-commerce market, attracting many companies into the vast ocean, so that one has a different orientation, distinctive business website was born, while competition has intensified, with sublimation to the superheating degree. In fact, now online full range of goods, everything, netizens enjoy online shopping this very convenient lifestyle, online consumer habits have gradually become stronger, become an indispensable form of life, which makes the electricity market boom guarantee. read more

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Star investors to add a case of Gao Yuanyuan voted to invest in the Internet Flower brand spend some


star Gao Yuanyuan announced the investment of domestic well-known brand "spend every Monday to spend time". It is understood that this investment in March of this year has been reached, and spend some time is also the first investment project in the field of Gao Yuanyuan himself.

movie star cross-border Internet investment, already not what happens now, the team also added a.

today morning news, star Gao Yuanyuan announced the investment of domestic well-known brand "spend every Monday to spend time". It is understood that this investment in March of this year has been reached, and this is the first investment in the field of Gao Yuanyuan himself in the field. read more

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Webmaster friends you look for the Internet every day

I believe that many webmaster in confusion, are thinking, how do I stand, how should I do, my website and how to make money. Why do I always make ends meet, why my Wangzhuan dream is always so far away, oh ~ ~ I think 80% of all is the case of


in fact, I am also the same as everyone! For several years, to tell the truth, I really did not earn any money. All day with a ghost, depressed dead!

often go to the site to see, to tell you the truth, I said today is really likely to offend some leaders. But I think if they can see it, maybe they can provide some useful information to the webmaster. read more

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When double 11 has become the norm where to find growth


] Tmall as in the past to billion state power network in the day of blowing a "red" color of the cyclone, with 50 billion done in one vigorous effort. But recently, with the exchange of more than billion state power network brands, retailers, business executives predict that Tmall wants to double the 11 the same as in previous years, as easy as blowing off dust double lifting platform in a single day total turnover of the "myth" will be difficult to perform.

50 billion is the limit. If the first two Alibaba listed on the 11 will encounter the ceiling, businesses and where to find incremental, which is the common concern of many of these people. Billion state power network connection of the eight summarizes their pre 2014 11 double sentence. When the double 11 has become the norm, not "chicken", and the read more

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Pat micro shop official operation of individual businesses can also WeChat shop

[Abstract] pat Network will open all pat micro shop businesses to provide a unified WeChat payment function, which consumers can pay through WeChat in any business pat micro shop shopping, payment paid to pat accounts, receipt of goods and consumer satisfaction, and then by Pat payments to merchants.

Tencent Francisco after a month of online operation, said Jingdong group pat Network, based on the mobile terminal micro shop – pat micro shop will soon officially open for online pat all enterprises and individual businesses, businesses can apply for opening and decoration pat micro shop by read more

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Electricity supplier tax collection is difficult personal shop who jurisdiction and evidence

electricity providers should have a timetable, not always pay no taxes, can not act with undue haste." This has basically formed a consensus in the electricity business. How to small business tax multitude, really is a highly technical problem.

in what form?

currently on Tmall and other platforms shop shop, are in the form of enterprises, they have long been in accordance with the procedures of the business tax. However, to the Taobao shop on the tax, it faces many problems." Chinese Internet policy expert Gao Hongbing said, "first, the shop owners are personally open store, this is the characteristic of the network economy era, is an innovation of the market, not in accordance with the form of enterprise registration, the provisions in the law of the original and no corresponding regulations and rules and regulations the person in the online shop, to tax in what form read more

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Enterprise network marketing in the era of WEB2.0 should be two pronged

We all know that

Web2.0 is more focused on user interaction, the user is browsing the web content, but also create web content, and there are a lot of enterprise network marketing is also only stay in the top search engine marketing, it still stays in the Web1.0 era would not develop with each other. In the enterprise network Web2.0 era is not only to do search engine marketing to do marketing, only the two pronged work closely with the parties can achieve the best effect, the great reference word is " hands are grasping with both hands ". read more

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Hangzhou cross-border electricity supplier to support the policy the highest award 5 million yuan of

as the country’s first cross-border e-commerce pilot area, Hangzhou cross-border business development highlights. The day before, "opinions" on accelerating the development of cross-border e-commerce in Hangzhou officially released, will be in the leading enterprises, introduction of cross-border electricity supplier brand, "single window" platform construction and Industrial Park Development in seven aspects such as increasing support, further cross-border e-commerce to seize the commanding heights. read more

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Violation of the domain name was exposed to the urgent need to purify the IDC Market

according to the latest report shows that China’s Internet users have more than 210 million, in order to speed up the calculation, so far has surpassed the United States, the world’s largest Internet users in the country. The development of the Internet in China has attracted worldwide attention. At the same time, bring in the growth of Internet users behind the Internet boom, the momentum of development of Internet resources on the basis of "no", at the end of last year, China’s IP address number has reached 135 million, the total number of domain names in China reached 11 million 930 thousand, the annual growth rate as high as 190.4%. Strong demand for Internet based products, which also contributed to the prosperity of the IDC market now. read more

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The apparel B2C repeat purchase rate of more than 50% leading electricity supplier market


technology news news September 24th, iResearch recently released the first half of 2012 the electricity supplier website repeat purchase rate list "apparel online occupy the top 4 seats in 10;" Eric 2012 China monthly coverage of the fastest growing independent B2C list, shoes accessories website is also in the forefront of the overall growth in electricity supplier in case the apparel website still maintain growth, has become one of the largest online shopping demand category, category business has become a comprehensive business force. As to and purchase online shoe as the representative of the traditional business background to force electricity suppliers and the arrival of apparel sales season, the refinement field still have a brilliant future. read more

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Jingdong in Denmark supplier 400 thousand payment consulate sent a letter to negotiate

July 6th, the Danish Consulate in Shanghai sent a letter to the Jingdong, negotiate payment in arrears, which constitutes almost a diplomatic incident. For Jingdong, deal with the relationship between the supplier is to maintain the stability of cross-border electricity supplier platform ecological basis. Internet users in 2017 is expected to reach 25% of cross-border electricity supplier penetration, cross-border electricity supplier in the proportion of foreign trade will be increased to 20%. But how stable and rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier, is still a problem. read more

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Jcipc software technology held 2014 articles Tengyun Hotel Network Marketing Forum

"2014 jcipc software (Xiangxi) Hotel Network Marketing Summit Forum" in 2014 07 on Sept. 08 at half past two in the afternoon, in the Jishou army Hotel Grand opening.


forum is a hotel network marketing feast by Changsha jcipc peak software and Jishou Tengyun technology jointly hosted, together well-known hotel manager, hotel industry insiders and other more than and 50 enterprises to participate in the hotel.

The development of the

social economy, led to a boom in tourism in recent years, China hotel industry has achieved rapid development, how to give the guest to the best service and the most luxurious experience? The age of the Internet has struck, how much do you know about the hotel Internet thinking? O2o the most popular vocabulary, and what opportunities the Tradition Hotel industry? The mobile Internet era, and how leveraging micro marketing thinking to expand the brand influence hotel? With these questions, the (Xiangxi) hotel network marketing conference, jcipc software product director, sales director, technical director, together with all the guests of the hotel industry marketing plan. read more

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Novice to enter the three big problems to think about the guest

In the field of today’s

Wangzhuan, Amoy competition is undoubtedly intensified, from what they do new to almost all in Wangzhuan Laoniao, Amoy were wading Wangzhuan, the novice will undoubtedly increase the difficulty, many competitors. To the veterans, increased competition in the industry, so many people to divide the cake, but also the impact to the income. So for our people, is not to enter the Amoy industry there is no chance? It seems to me that in a year of Amoy webmaster, any time there is a competition, also hidden opportunities, you can seize the opportunity. read more

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Look at the current e-commerce development from the bad brother

, the national development and Reform Commission since March 20th to increase domestic refined oil prices, a day before the Zhejiang street in an interview with Jiaxing TV, a man asked angrily "swearing", in the face of the reporter’s silence, he said.

recently, this video recorded by the Jiaxing TV station in 4 hours to click on more than 400 thousand times, more than 70 thousand users comments, the moment, the protagonist of the video, dirty brother will be popular network. So, what kind of sensation would it cause? read more

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The newspaper and the joint survey of 60% respondents no longer trust Chechan website


days before forced to cancel the order of events, combined with social science Shanghai Univer Shanghai Wen Wei Po Survey Center conducted a telephone survey. Data show that more than 60% of respondents believe that after the launch of promotional activities, but also because of technical reasons and other reasons to cancel the activities of the Department of dishonesty, the future will no longer believe that the site".

if you encounter "website withdrawn for various reasons, promotional activities, and mandatory refund", 49.02% of respondents indicated that they would "require reasonable compensation, compensate for their losses, 34.31% choose to quit, after all, the website in a strong party", and 16.67% of the respondents "ask the site to continue performing, refused to sue". For how to supervise such promotional activities, 34.31% said it should be in the business sector for the record in advance, once the implementation must be fulfilled". read more

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Lan Xiaohua talk about Taobao shop network marketing seven key words

July 23rd, the fifth network marketing conference held in Beijing, China in Ali pat platform owner has exceeded 14 million, as Taobao owner to quickly get the order, how to use the network to attract customers? This print journalist by the fifth network marketing conference interviewed the dream bazaar chief brand consultant, famous network marketing experts Lan Xiaohua teacher, Lan Xiaohua as the electricity supplier "grassroots business people" Taobao, want to quickly get orders to "good" at work, let the customer trust and rely on it is the key to success. read more

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Online shopping popularity over consumption of excessive consumption of deputies called for the spec

Beijing March 9 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Jiang Yun) several times to tear tape, opened the box, and then remove the bubble wrap, cut the tape and plastic bags, to buy goods. This process, for every online shopping family is to receive the baby after the standard procedures. Although every household is repeating this action, but for the National People’s Congress, Zhejiang College of agriculture and Forestry College of environment and resources professor Xu Qiufang, it is a waste and pollution. read more

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" 80% online sales of cosmetics are fake, " the day before, beauty beautiful makeup CEO Huang Tao’s words, the entire cosmetics electricity supplier industry pushed in the teeth of the storm. This is sensational, or the status of the industry, it is to do beauty group purchase business tycoon, has a very strong role to mislead consumers. Genuine, fake and low-quality goods, smuggled goods flooded the market, consumers how to distinguish


and coincidentally, before the United States cosmetics purchasing specialist for the title, understand the United States known as " in the procurement; " Suzhou netizen hair seventeen, said the United States 90% are fake, and forged " Excel form; the United States purchase orders sent to " the world community, the price is low, so onlookers in an uproar. The table below the market price of more than 10 times the purchase price, let onlookers crazy – the original selling cosmetics also money than drug trafficking? This post reply to the end of the world top tens of thousands of hot spots, micro-blog, watercress, instantly spread throughout the campus, become the hottest posts at the time. The reporter was informed that, after investigation is fabricated, the users by the local public security institutions to commercial libel prosecution, is currently in the stage of bail. read more

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