Discussion on the promotion strategy of medical website network

website promotion channels, choose their own ability to play the maximum effect. We do website promotion programs, the need for network investigation and analysis of the web site keywords screening; positioning website core keywords and promotion theme positioning according to the nature of the site. Promotion positioning is mainly based on the overall operation of the hospital or the company to determine the plan, the purpose of the promotion is to expand the sales market, or do brand image promotion, etc.. read more

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Web site for whom

this article original starting Adsense nets. Non soft, rest assured reading.

I do

04 years of passion, changed several themes, operating a local portal website. 05 years to sell the station, of course, did not sell how much money. From then on my business to help others to do, go the civilian route, which is the focus of the site of some small and medium-sized companies are not willing to take the 2000 dollars to the following list. This is because of the business relationship, and I have a lot of personal AdSense and quasi webmaster have contact. I do so long through the construction site, I found that at least half of my website for personal webmaster and quasi webmaster, reason and the establishment of the station’s goal is impetuous; I asked a few stationmaster, why did they do this? We can also think, as the starting point of our website, and what is the purpose of read more

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Analysis of e-book promotion methods

rational use of e-books can quickly enhance the visibility of the promotion, open consumer market. The e-book itself according to human nature, life, convenient more convenient and easier for the public to accept, Hou Qinglong and talk about the ebook promotion advantages and steps:

a, e-book convenient

made TXT text book, the user can store the phone, you can view the browser at any time.

two, e-books save

relative to the computer, the current mobile phone virus spread is not yet popular, relative to the computer is relatively safe, with a mobile phone, memory card is more convenient for long-term preservation of e-books. read more

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Network marketing and promotion of a kind

With the combination of

mobile terminal and PC terminal gradually, the Internet is becoming more and more perfect, in every corner of life are filled with internet presence, and more and more traditional companies are also actively looking for opportunities to embrace the Internet, these directly spawned a new occupation: network marketing. Because the network marketing threshold low, so the influx of a large number of unsuccessful in various industries, but successful people are part of a few

, why? read more

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Break through the bottleneck in the innovative mode of personal website to deus ex

      Express Network hand Tencent, becoming China’s largest portal on the "life search" channel; and the storm has released a text chain advertising, announced the launch of the commercialization strategy. Recently, the personal website to create a new legend of the Internet frequently occur, whether it indicates that the 2007 personal website ushered in another spring? Experts believe that in order to have a breakthrough in the field of personal web site, we must break through the bottleneck of innovation model. read more

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How to improve the conversion rate of e-commerce companies

e-commerce companies are trying to improve the site conversion rate, emphasizing the user experience of the site, but ignored the traditional way of communication – telephone. One of the reasons why web visitors give up buying is that they prefer to communicate directly with their customers. According to ForresterResearch research, more than 70% of customers want to use the phone to get the answers they want and help, but many companies because of customer service costs and phone calls do not provide telephone consulting services. read more

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U.S. group transaction data behind the worries of the Carnival oppression small businesses

at the beginning of August, the U.S. group net COO dry Garvey in his personal micro-blog news release, "group purchase into the 1 billion 400 million era". And gives the screenshot shows: transaction volume: 1401119587, it seems, this is a carnival data.

in the next few months is still the consumer season. A large number of students who have the ability to consume and the price sensitive users, and the latter half of the year is the carnival of consumer spending.

according to the group 800 data, 2014 1-6 month, the U.S. group net transaction amounted to 2 billion 41 million yuan, 2 billion 11 million yuan, 2 billion 393 million yuan, 2 billion 414 million yuan, 2 billion 906 million yuan, 3 billion 134 million yuan, the first half of 2014 the overall transaction amounted to 14 billion 899 million yuan. In accordance with this growth trend, the U.S. mission network in 2014 to complete the annual turnover of 40 billion yuan of water is likely to target. read more

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Onezero passenger landing platform for cross-border electricity supplier electricity market in South

electricity supplier market in Southeast Asia before (money) king lofty, with the strength and potential of the electronic business platform is growing up. Located in the global business platform, "initially onezero guest" hit the current Lazada main market – ASEAN business market, with its own advantages richly endowed by nature conditions, grab a space for one person.

this electronic business platform, is a large-scale investment in china. The platform and LAZADA as completely localized, rooted in Philippines, Southeast Asia, a serious local electricity supplier, the boss is Chinese, well versed in China manufacturing export pain point, personally led a team of experienced investment, to fully support domestic operations team. Two kinds of genes in blood compatibility, let "onezero guest" bag. read more

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Micro business innovation application service center was established for enterprise transformation s

central broadcasting network technology May 21st news, 20 pm, China Electronic Commerce Association announced the establishment of a micro electricity supplier innovation and application service center, and issued a small micro enterprise growth plan".

it is understood that the "micro business innovation center" by Chinese Emay, combined with electronic commerce association, Tencent Analysys and other service providers, business platform and consulting institutions jointly established, mainly for traditional enterprises to provide micro electricity providers consulting, technology, products, operations and other services. read more

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Civilink partition domain name the new company (Charmdomain) has been registered in the CNNIC busine

respect the latest news network April 17th meters, China million net’s domain online trading site domain name, and growing with the recent development of domain name investment and trading industry, climbed to more than 100 thousand registered users. Recently, there has always been a domain name from civilink detachment, independent operation and changed its name to "Charmdomain" message, this rumor has officially confirmed: Charmdomain (Beijing Charmdomain investment consultant Co. Ltd.) has appeared in the domestic CN domain name registrar CNNIC update list. read more

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China bank and Alipay hand out rumor collapse of itself

April 23rd news, recently, Alipay and Chinese Bank jointly announced a formal cooperation. In the future Chinese bank users through Alipay shopping, payment and other new network life, at the same time for Alipay users, also have more choices. So far, 19 national banks including Bank of China, ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, the postal savings bank, the six major state-owned banks and 32 regional city commercial banks have reached with Alipay online payment products cooperation. read more

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In the future +OEM network steel business profit model of value-added services

"but what he did not wear clothes!" Andersen fairy tale "the emperor’s new clothes" in the global spread, and become China OEM Ma Yunzheng Pierce (OEM) between big brands and global subtle relationships that brave boy! Chinese industry experts believe that the way the enterprise is from OEM to ODM (original design manufacturer (OBM) and foundry business brands) to upgrade and eventually take the brand development route. This is an inevitable choice of history, and the contradiction between the transformation and intellectual property is not irreconcilable. read more

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Aliexpress double save 11 strokes boasted of buying Youtube ads all day long

for double 11, not only is the electricity supplier sellers once a year’s climax, but also for export sellers. The day before, billion state power network that the Alibaba’s export business platform aliexpress announced the 11 double play this year, to expand the layout from the preheating drainage, the expansion of the category and the various aspects of logistics customer service.

it is understood that this year 11 aliexpress platform focused on the work focused on three aspects: one is to support the high quality brand, push quality business; two is through the network shopping guide three is red drainage; to provide logistics speed through free logistics. read more

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The United States Suning electricity supplier channel online and offline integration problem to be s

online has more than 1 stores in the U.S. group, this year to accelerate the pace of embrace the internet. The day before, the United States and Su ningyun signed a "3 60 billion year" strategic cooperation agreements, the target is completed in 2014~2016 years, the U.S. air-conditioning, ice wash, household appliances, kitchen appliances and other products in the Suning channel sales of 60 billion yuan.

analysis thinks, Su ningyun choice and positive transformation of the Internet Co, one of the reasons is that the United States this year in the business channel force, to further deepen the "net" efforts. But also face the challenges of integration of resources online and offline. read more

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Sea Amoy transfer open the Spring Festival mode to suspend delivery 20 days

news February 3rd, approaching at the end of calendar year, the industry have ready to open the "Spring Festival" mode, the transport company is no exception, sea Amoy family Spring Festival shopping plan will be more or less affected. The day before, a number of transport companies including transport, sea Amoy, Chinese Benniao, sonic speed have released operational arrangements for the Spring Festival holiday.

was informed that, due to the limitations of the post office is not required, most of the transport companies during the Spring Festival will be arranged around 20 days of vacation and to suspend the delivery of goods and customs clearance. read more

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Taobao search rules were changed to protest 300 sellers to discuss Hangzhou

13 at noon, gathered in Hangzhou, the seller played protest Taobao banner

July 13th news, Taobao search rules adjustment issue recently on the seller has a great disturbance, many sellers complain that the business is difficult to do. A person close to the science and technology Tencent revealed that 11 provinces and cities nationwide nearly 300 sellers today gathered in Hangzhou, to say to Taobao for Taobao, and restore the original goods in accordance with the requirements on the shelf time sorting rules. read more

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The entity bookstore for multiple pressures ten years collapse nearly 50% losing competitiveness

digital incoming tide, photosynthesis, Forestsong, Jifeng Bookstore these well-known private bookstores such as Domino brand or die down, or waiting for rebirth, according to incomplete statistics, in the past ten years, nearly 50% private bookstores closed down. With the advent of the digital trend, physical bookstore will go to where


and in the media to explore the existence of the existence of the entity bookstore, the seemingly silent state chain bookstore is not calm.

"First Financial Daily" reporter obtained a relatively accurate information is that in recent years, with the increase in cultural consumption, physical bookstore book sales growth is still maintained at around 20%. read more

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Gome online CEO Li Juntao price war should be based on the quality of protection

sina science and technology news Beijing time on October 26th morning news, the United States and the United States held an online 11 strategic communications conference in Beijing. Gome online 11 this year will be the main push home appliances and 3C products, in addition to a range of price promotions, the main product quality and logistics speed.

the United States said that the current electricity supplier has smuggled goods fake, the first price cut, no cheap goods, logistics slow pain point, this year 11 the United States will be on the above points to make countermeasure. read more

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Tmall international, Ma said from the global buy, sell the world is still far worse

in addition to the big companies and brands become its outside buyers, Ali did not actually solve the problem of overseas market expansion, while its domestic market is not so stable.

September 8th

day, Hangzhou downtown in the Huanglong Hotel is a mess, a large group organized by the Alibaba business industry forum, being held here.

is representative of the company in full field, only in exchange for a piece of name card and usually not to contact the Tmall executives; representative "Taobao Cun said, after listening to his Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong on" the future of digital commerce "for half an hour after the speech, I will be back. read more

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First enclosure and then profitable second-hand car trading platform yet to mature


recently suffered a bothering children, he was in Shanghai AI car second-hand car company bought a promise no accident, no structural damage, the key parts of the odometer real Cadillac second-hand car, later found the car mileage fraud, vehicle accidents have occurred and carried out maintenance. Mr. huff, the car dealer to court. Although the final court ruling in favor of Mr. Lee, but after several months of things, mr..

had to say that the used car industry was too deep. Before I listen to the company’s publicity, think of all the models are checked through certification, there should be no problem. Now it is found that the so-called test, that is, when they are both athletes and referees, there is no transparency at all." Yu on the first Financial Daily reporters helpless talk. read more

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