The new advertising law for two weeks to see the new changes in the science and technology circles

"new advertising law" has been officially implemented since September 1st has been two weeks. This is the first time in 20 years to amend the implementation of the advertising law, called the history of the most stringent punishment scale shook the entire advertising circle. For two weeks, the "new art advertising law after the sudden death of 27 people" sensational news, although it is just a joke, but also illustrates the new "advertisement law" of the strong power. read more

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Secret DDoS black market 50 dollars will be able to hit a website

two days ago, Ali cloud released a statement on micro-blog, said in December 20-21 day, deployed in a well-known gaming company Ali cloud, suffered the biggest DDoS attack in the history of the global internet.

DDoS is a very common form of attack on the Internet underground, can be called the basic skills of the hacker entry. But to do the size of the scale like Ali cloud – attack traffic peak of 453.8Gb per second, is still a refresh list of huge numbers.

but this event, in addition to the initiative to spread Ali cloud statement, there is no more discussion, there is no follow-up progress. This makes the whole thing look strange, silent by the attackers, rampant attackers, the rapid development of the DDoS industry. Lei Feng network to accelerate the music product manager, as well as an unnamed security Ximeng, on the matter and behind the DDoS black chain analysis interpretation. read more

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Best buy the death is inevitable BELLE electricity supplier deposit many flawed

[introduction] excellent shopping network COO Zhang Xiaojun will leave, is currently going through the departure formalities. As an excellent shopping network veteran, has more significance of Zhang Xiaojun’s departure, excellent shopping network has encountered a serious crisis.

outgoing excellent shopping network COO Zhang Xiaojun (Tencent technology plan)

Zhuang Shuai / text

recent loss of senior executives to buy the network was hit again, July 17th news, according to the excellent network insiders confirmed that the purchase of excellent network COO Zhang Xiaojun will leave, is currently working for the exit formalities. As an excellent shopping network veteran, has more significance of Zhang Xiaojun’s departure, excellent shopping network has encountered a serious crisis. read more

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Alibaba really good money to get it

      on the eve of the annual Chinese network conference and China e-businessmen Festival, a student friend returned with my instant communication tools. He was sent to the project information, I make a suggestion, I open the document, everywhere is to "Ali" theme "Alibaba" is also trying to follow. I tell the truth: the Chinese people like to follow the trend, what the U.S. Internet, or how long, China will have! Of course, this is not a bad thing, indicating that China’s reform and opening up over the years, has been deeply rooted in consciousness. Fully inclusive and equitable, zhaodanquanshou, and people fully adapt to the rules of intellectual property rights has to be time. As the ancients, making a "plagiarist" like imitation, is generally known. read more

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Top 10 social media trends affecting future marketing landscape

The new world,

brand by trial and error to the new trend of social media challenges under the influence of the occasional overnight, often hit the wall. The harsh reality is that over time, the social media trend has changed, the brand needs to adapt to these trends, or their previous efforts are all in vain.

in 2015, many brands have gradually learned how to social media to help them achieve the business target, but the learning process is full of bitter tears, the new world, they continue to use the method of trial and error to the new trend of social media challenges under the influence of the occasional overnight, often hit the wall. The harsh reality is that with the passage of time, the new trend of social media has changed, which led to the brand needs to adapt to these trends, or their previous efforts are all in vain. So, in order to facilitate the rapid adjustment of their own brand strategy, Cheil Worldwide chief digital officer Peter Kim to share with us what can affect the future of the new social media marketing trends in the end what. read more

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The G framework of enterprise marketing and entertainment framework of FSGP — Game Game


how to do marketing? The author yesterday in the best webmaster information service platform of -A5 station network China again published "FSGP micro-blog entertainment marketing framework S framework – Secret: Secret", based on this article micro-blog marketing case study, we can grasp the basic framework of enterprise how to use the S micro-blog entertainment marketing framework the (secret) micro-blog entertainment marketing company Sina, which makes our company Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog to get the number of fans more, when our company Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog fans have a large amount of attention, you can say to a large extent increase our company Sina micro-blog exposure, what is micro-blog marketing? I think micro-blog marketing is through the micro-blog platform for companies and individuals to create value and execute a marketing way. And such enterprises. Personal value creation must be based on the number of fans of the Sina micro-blog, micro-blog how to do marketing? I think, since speaking of sina micro-blog marketing, so it is necessary to have a set of sina micro-blog or Sina micro-blog marketing plan and marketing strategy, the author of the Dalian B-ray enterprise management consulting limited strategic partner of Beijing ex company has always stressed that the success of any business strategy is customer value oriented strategy, Sina micro-blog or Sina micro-blog marketing plan marketing strategy is no exception, Sina micro-blog marketing scheme is still to customer value orientation, the author of the article mentioned "before creating massive customers enterprise e-commerce strategy" in the article, we enterprises Sina micro-blog fans to pay attention to our company Sina micro-blog actually It is also necessary to pay the time, the so-called opportunity cost of mobile phone traffic, then we have to give these Sina micro-blog fans to create high value opportunities. read more

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Lao Xie enterprise website promotion method

SEM is the most basic way to promote enterprise website. In addition to search engine optimization, corporate website more commonly used free promotion methods:

(1) viral marketing

is mainly to provide free e-books, free electronic magazine, free greeting cards and other content, through these services to provide public service, with the publicity of the corporate website. E-book content to have a unique, greeting cards in the form and content to make customers feel warm, so as to have the characteristics of the virus, so that customers automatically help you spread widely. read more

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The rise of Snapchat from pornography to camera

Abstract: when Spiegel was a junior, Brown told her that I would like to send a picture of the girl who will disappear in. Spiegel immediately on the photos disappear " the concept of excitement, and told Brown that this is a $1 million creative. 5 years later, the idea is actually worth billions of dollars.

The rise of

Snapchat and "the social network" in like Facebook, they have a common background: founded in the elite universities, the founders had ended. Facebook two ousted founder Mark · against Zuckerberg (Mark; Zuckerberg), and Snapchat third founder Reggie · Brown (Reggie Brown) will also be Evan · Spiegel (Evan Spiegel) and Bobby · Murphy (Bobby Murphy) to court, the final $158 million compensation. Snapchat survived the initial difficult test, and now is about to usher in the valuation of $20 billion IPO. The American mainstream media network BI, said prior to the way, reveals how Snapchat rise of social media giants from porn SMS application. read more

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WeChat marketing should adhere to the content is king, the user supplemented

played micro-blog people are aware of such a concept, the user is king, supplemented by content". The meaning of this sentence is that the user is more important than the content, as long as the user is enough, coverage and spread will be very high, so many people playing micro-blog for their millions, tens of millions of fans and proud. In WeChat operations, we should grasp the content is king, the user as a supplement, the principle.

in WeChat, pay attention to each of your users, are real real users, do not want to have some zombie like micro-blog". In other words, you push WeChat content of 90% people will see. If you do not pay attention to the content ", pay attention to your users from here you can’t learn anything, do not interest them, then they will feel disappointed, see you again to send the content, will not open to look carefully, even to cancel your attention. So. In the operation of WeChat, we need to pay attention to several aspects. read more

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Track how to do the rankings included in the rankings, what is the reason

track how to do the rankings included in the

what is the network extrapolation network refers to the use of the external platform to achieve the rapid expansion of information opportunities. In the whole extrapolation process, the tracking method is the most effective way to improve the ranking, but also the most common means of promotion, by tracking the extrapolation can help the promoters to quickly find the most effective promotion platform. However, tracking the implementation of the process is very difficult, a lot of people to track how to do the rankings included in the extrapolation is not very clear, resulting in very confusing. read more

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Website promotion for the website you treasure

there is no popularity of a site, a site is not a dumpster, how can we judge it?

In fact,

and others, it depends on the fate of owners and administrators to promote care! Want to do website said to it is difficult, it is also very simple, to see how we go to the website promotion process is like a person living in the community. Website promotion is like life in general, if you have ambition, you have the opportunity to succeed, if you are willing to pay to fight you can succeed. People do not like this website promotion. If you want to make a difference, in order to achieve a career, then you need to have a process, and website promotion is such a process of struggle, want to have a good ranking then you need to promote the site. read more

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Regulation of the network industry is becoming tighter part of the platform anchor real name system

Beijing, April (Xinhua) (Wu Tao) today, Sina, Baidu, Sohu and other 20 network platform for the formal implementation of the anchor real name authentication, and promised not to provide access to the anchor under the age of 18.

data map. Source: a webcast platform screenshot

Prior to

, the Ministry of culture will Betta, YY other 19 network broadcast platform included in the list. There are indications that more stringent regulation of the webcast. Some analysts have pointed out that, affected by this, the network will be more and more illegal costs, relying on violence involving violence and other content to attract users of the road is more and more difficult to go. read more

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Twitter to expand from Google and other companies dig

news January 4th, according to the famous technology blog Techcrunch reported that the United States well-known technology blogger Lewis · (Louis Gray) was a long time to pay close attention to team building Twitter. He notes that at the beginning of 2010, Twitter will add more than 10 team members to the new office building in San Francisco. These experts are Twitter from Google, Bebo and other famous enterprises dug.

the biggest brand character Twitter dug is Pakistan Kali · Braque (Bakari Brock), he has been engaged in the work of lawyers at Kilpatrick Stockton lawyer, since September 2007 has served as YouTube and Google consultant. You can see in the law firm of Kilpatrick Stockton’s website, Braque’s specialty is: "good at music, video and software licensing contract negotiation and drafting, consultation are good at providing copyright, electronic commerce and general policy issues." read more

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Ganji received NOKIA bluerun nearly $20 million in venture capital

after the 58 city received a $15 million investment in the last month, another life information portal Ganji ( this week announced the completion of nearly $20 million in financing. The funds from the lead investor in NOKIA growth partners and investors — now bluerun. Analysts said the classified information website is a "risk investors found paradise". founder, CEO Yang Haoyong said, will use the investment to strengthen the application of classified information in the mobile Internet, providing terminal experience seamless and convenient for users. read more

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Daily topics the first ten years of the loss of Ctrip online travel only burn to grab the market

A5 ( station network March 23rd news, Ctrip recently released earnings report shows that Ctrip fourth quarter net revenues of 1 billion 900 million yuan, up 33% over the same period last year; net loss attributable to shareholders of 224 million yuan, a year earlier to a net profit of 261 million yuan.

talked about the full year profit, Ctrip chairman and CEO Liang Jianzhang said, Ctrip’s profit mainly from far higher than the market expected operating figures, including open platform strategy to promote the sales of each line of business, and mobile strategy also let Ctrip applications become the application of online travel industry realized the strongest, as of the end of the fourth quarter of 2014 Ctrip, wireless application already has about 600 million cumulative downloads, growth of 70%.   mobile platform trading volume accounted for more than 70% during the Spring Festival in February 2015. read more

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Adsense network broadcast Sogou search access WeChat public pea pod behind Jurisprudence

1 listing, storm video last headlines?  

seems to be ready for the listing of Feng Xin, at least three years of profit is enough.

recently, storm video (Beijing storm Polytron Technologies Inc) submitted to the Commission for the initial public offering of stock prospectus, ready gem listing. According to the prospectus, the proposed public offering of not more than 30 million shares, raising 510 million yuan, accounting for the total issued share capital of more than 25%, mainly for upgrading and expansion project definition video internet service platform, mobile terminal video service system development projects. read more

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February Chinese domain name service provider TOP24 new network share plummeting 50.92%

is reported that, as of the end of the fourth quarter of 2010, the total number of new global Internet domain is close to 3 million 500 thousand, the total number of top-level domain registration up to 205 million 300 thousand, compared with the third quarter of 2010, an increase of 1.7%. Can be seen, whether it is the new domain name or the total number of top-level domain registration in their respective tracks forward, or fast or slow. Below, IDC review of the network in February the Chinese domain name service provider of the latest situation, and we explore. read more

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Video website through late spring coldness

warm spring in March, many domestic video website managers feel it is a bit cold, "temperature" decreased from SARFT announced days before a "blacklist". SARFT announced the 20 Internet audio-visual program service checks: 32 video website content due to violation was warning punishment; 25 sites were ordered to stop video services; 5 websites have not engaged in qualification of Internet information service without offering internet audio-visual program, to telecommunications management department. read more

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Today received a webmaster network sent T-shirt…

go to work today, the receptionist told me that there is a package. Open a look, is a straw to send me the webmaster network cultural shirt.

thief happy, immediately according to a, give you PP. people a little black… Everyone down clothes, don’t P me.

very good quality, but with little, no way ah, I was fat… Oh

to go to the mountains in the afternoon, just go out wearing a lap. Ha ha I am webmaster!

like a small. Want to quickly find a map of the king or straw.

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WeChat pushed open the public number of public permission to support the depth of the operation of t

DoNews October 31st news (reporter Zhang Lin) recently, WeChat public landing authorization function officially open beta, carried out a detailed analysis on the official WeChat positioning, the public accounts of the role and how to intervene the public landing authorization problem.

public landing authorization located in the security mechanism, allowing the public to own their own authority and ability to empower developers, allowing developers to help the public number of operations. read more

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